Recipe: Alfredo Sauce!

I only allow myself to have the “real thing” alfredo sauce quarterly (although lately it’s been maybe twice a year now.) But for every day, I’ve drummed up something that is a very, very close second — minus the guilt.

I give you: My Alfredo Sauce.

Oh sure the real thing has that smooth buttery creaminess that is rich beyond compare.

But this one, though lighter, has a lovely parmesan-ness to it, that after a bite, you can’t remember the real thing anyway! (So why ever would you want it again, right? Ok, I might be a little dramatic, but you get it, right? It’s goooood.)

Serve with grilled chicken breast and my whole family loves this!

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  • Anonymous

    Oooohhhh, I’m so glad you posted this!! I’ve been trying to find an alfredo recipe now for several weeks since I stopped buying the “Ragu Alfredo” sauce! Can’t wait to give it a try!