May Your Way Challenge Leaderboard, SisterStars, and Winner {may 25}

Hey there! We are entering the final phase of our latest health, fitness, and weight loss challenge. Can you believe it? Are you staying strong and focused? I sure hope so!

Remember the CLICK’n giveaway we were having? We have our two winners:

Jen from Losing the Shadow!

For the LOSERS, we have the:

Weight-loss Leaderboard!

{%s lost are cumulative throughout the challenge}

3.31% Angela A.
2.89% Ann G
2.87% Joanna H
2.69% Debra C
2.60% Kristin S.
2.34% Colleen
1.88% Trish B.
1.83% Dorothy M.
1.69% Tracy C.
1.39% Chris B.


Still in the lead with 25 points:

Mary P.

TrishB is close behind with 24 points,

AnnG has 23,

and Kirsten M. is still in it with 22 points!

Can you say ROCK STARS??!

The {random} WINNER of the Fitbit is…

Kristin S!!!

Have a great week!

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  • Kirsten

    Look at all the awesome losers up there! You guys are doing great! 

    And I have to say it’s weird to see my name up there related to a challenge.  IJS. I kinda like it! 

  • Kristin Stone

    I can’t believe I won the fitbit…how awesome!

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you send me your mailling info!!

    • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

      Congrats Kristin!!

  • Kristin Stone

    I can’t believe I won the fitbit…how awesome!

  • Joanna

    Third on the leaderboard – REALLY???? I’m so excited!!!

  • Trish

    OMGosh I am on the leaderboard….squeeee! Congrats Kristen!

  • Tirah

    Congratulations to all those losers up there, you all are doing great!
    I’m so excited for winning the CLICK products!  A big thanks CLICK and the Sisterhood for sponsoring!