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May Your Way Challenge Leaderboard, SisterStars, and Winner {may 25}

[ 8 ] 05/26/2011 |

Hey there! We are entering the final phase of our latest health, fitness, and weight loss challenge. Can you believe it? Are you staying strong and focused? I sure hope so!

Remember the CLICK’n giveaway we were having? We have our two winners:

Jen from Losing the Shadow!

For the LOSERS, we have the:

Weight-loss Leaderboard!

{%s lost are cumulative throughout the challenge}

3.31% Angela A.
2.89% Ann G
2.87% Joanna H
2.69% Debra C
2.60% Kristin S.
2.34% Colleen
1.88% Trish B.
1.83% Dorothy M.
1.69% Tracy C.
1.39% Chris B.


Still in the lead with 25 points:

Mary P.

TrishB is close behind with 24 points,

AnnG has 23,

and Kirsten M. is still in it with 22 points!

Can you say ROCK STARS??!

The {random} WINNER of the Fitbit is…

Kristin S!!!

Have a great week!

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About Lissa: Melissa is the Co-Founder of Shrinking Kitchen and the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans She has been married for a dozen years and is mother to six children (17,14, 10, 10 and 2 and a foster baby!). Melissa has a love/hate relationship with food (okay, mostly candy) and cooking. This isn't improved by the fact that her husband, the true family chef, works in another city half the year, leaving Melissa to figure out how to feed her growing family something other than Pop-Tarts. Melissa loves her camera, enjoys traveling, kickboxing, creating beautiful things she finds on Pinterest, and planning her dream home that will be built… someday. :: @lissajoy :: :: pinning here View author profile.

  • Kirsten

    Look at all the awesome losers up there! You guys are doing great! 

    And I have to say it’s weird to see my name up there related to a challenge.  IJS. I kinda like it! 

  • Kristin Stone

    I can’t believe I won the fitbit…how awesome!

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you send me your mailling info!!

    • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

      Congrats Kristin!!

  • Kristin Stone

    I can’t believe I won the fitbit…how awesome!

  • Joanna

    Third on the leaderboard – REALLY???? I’m so excited!!!

  • Trish

    OMGosh I am on the leaderboard….squeeee! Congrats Kristen!

  • Tirah

    Congratulations to all those losers up there, you all are doing great!
    I’m so excited for winning the CLICK products!  A big thanks CLICK and the Sisterhood for sponsoring!