Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants

I can say with conviction and 100% absolute certainty that I have never, ever, EVER, been a vacation exerciser.

Vacation was a place to vacation — from everything a person needs a vacation from, calorie counting and exercising included.

I gained 7 pounds on a cruise once.

I didn’t learn from that, either. And I kept eating too! Pretty soon it was Christmas and my 7 pounds turned to 20 and I was back on the yo-yo on January 1st just like the rest of the population. Oh, which one of us doesn’t have a story like that? (If you don’t, good for you!)

At that point, I hadn’t changed my lifestyle yet which meant I hadn’t changed my mind.

What eventually did change it? The first time I trained for an event where the training just happened to coincide with the vacation.

It happened a few times, actually, where a run was scheduled during a trip and instead of doing it when I got back, I did it when I was there. I’ve added in runs and swims with my husband, with my friends, and at the Fitbloggin conference we went to, which definitely was a much-needed weekend away with us girls, the exercise part was the highlight!

Exercise doesn’t have to be an awful addition or burden to your vacation, in fact, you can burn some of those extra calories from that dinner out by doing some quick exercises in the hotel room with one of these!

I brought my exercise bands!

Yes, I am in LA and I am wearing my yoga pants and working out with my exercise bands because I am building my workouts into my trip!

This isn’t a recent change, I’ve been doing this for some time now but in the grand scheme of my life-span, it’s a huge turnaround from the 7 pounds of midnightbuffetdoublelobstertailfrozencocktail extravaganzas that I’ve been known to partake in!

I also call ahead to find out when the gym is open and closed and plan around it.

I’m not missing out on vacation, it’s becoming part of my vacation. And I’ve seen some really great hotel gyms while doing this exploring.

On this “try it Thursday,” I challenge you to build something exercise-y into your summer vacation. Whether it’s a long hike, going mountain biking, or running along the Vegas strip. Just think about it. Mkay?

It’s not about the quick-diet to get bikini-ready. It’s about being healthy — all year round.

So we want to hear from you: do you exercise on vacation????

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  • Joanna

    Vacation?  What is this thing you speak of??  LOL

    It’s been two years since I had a vacation – although this is the first year I have my summer off in…well…lots of years.  My first week I did NOTHING – and I was miserable.  Now, I’m doing Yoga, the Shred, and running at least 3 times a week…and feel much happier.

    I’m actually trying to plan a couple of camping trips this year JUST so that I can do early morning Yoga by the river or lake, go hiking, and do fun outdoor activities.  :)

    • Christie O.

      yoga by the river sounds magical!!!!! i want to do that!

    • Brooke F

      when i married my husband i told him i had but one rule (okay 2 – but i think its only polite to cap all spit bottles after use) – we WOULD go on a yearly vacation.  i refuse to do without.  some years growing up we barely got out of town & stayed in a cheap motel, but we were together and away from normal life so it was fun.  :)

      camping sounds like a perfect solution!

  • Tami @

    We have a vacation scheduled in mid July, but our plans are up in the air.  However, I will be exercising!  I’m allowing no excuses during this challenge!

    • Brooke F

      good for you!  no matter where you go surely you can workout something!

  • Nancy

    We haven’t been on vacation for several years, but the last few were to the mountains.  We love to hike, so that is a given when you go to the mountains.  This August, we rented a house on a lake with extended family.  I’ll be chasing the grandkids, playing in the lake and biking.  So, there you have it.  I guess I do exercise on vacation.

    • Brooke F

      one of these days you’ll have to come visit my mountains so we can enjoy a hike together!

  • Brooke F

    our Hawaii vacation was nothing but exercise!  we went on some sort of hike almost every day – the best waterfalls aren’t right by the road ya know. 

  • Mel L

    I always vow to exercise on vacation. Even if its just once. And my ipod holds awesome yoga podcasts to help get me through. I’m not always the best at doing it but at least I have good intentions. I’m proud of you, teammate! :D

  • Laurie

    Yes, I do exercise on vacation.  It is some of my favorite workouts.  It is new and different for one, adds a little interest into the workout. My family has a place on a lake in N.H.  That is one of my favorite places to run, we are heading up there on the 4th and one of the best parts of that trip will be my runs in the woods.
    This is a great subject, thanks.

    • Christie O.

      That sounds awesome! And you’re right, they always turn out to be some of the best workouts and runs EVER! Have fun!!

  • jeninRL

    I dont think there IS a summer vacation this year! Staying home but still training!! 

  • Anonymous

    Vacation??? I haven’t had one in years but the idea of continuing this lifestyle of exercising while on a trip held up even while my mom was recovery from surgery and I was helping out there! I walked/ran with my dad, used the treadmills, bikes, and elliptical at the rec center he uses while there too. Exercise is definitely part of my life now and I LOVE the way it makes me feel!

    • Christie O.

      I remember cheering you on while you did that, it’s so therapeutic! I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, but I felt like a rockstar after my 3 miles on the hotel treadmill today!

  • Anonymous

    I DO exercise on vacation – NOW :)  Definitely like you, in the past vacation was time to throw all caution to the wind.  Now I’ve run at Disney on vacation (getting up at 5 to beat some of the heat/humidity) and have been laughed at by gymnastics parents as I’ve gotten my run in on a hotel treadmill prior to the usual pizza.  

    I don’t doubt that without the encouragement of my bloggy friends, I’d still be one lounging by the pool with a frozen drink.  Actually, I still do that, but after I’ve gotten in some exercise :)

  • Thea

    I do much, much better than I used to, that’s for sure! And this year, I’ve got a tri in July, August, AND September so slacking off could be a major setback. We’re going away twice in July and I know for a fact that our hotel in Baltimore has a pool and a gym, although I might be forced to use it at 10pm. And wen we go to Illinois, I check the Y schedule and bring my bike so I can be sure to get my workouts in!

    • Christie O.

      Dude! That kicks ass. That is all.

  • Mary P.

    We vacation on Cape Cod every year where my family has a house. It is usually part active/part Inertia-land! DH and I rent bikes to ride on a Rails to Trail, and I do swim in the ocean a lot. But every year, I say “I am going to get up each morning and walk down to the beach (which is about a 30 min walk)” and ever year I do it maybe once?! That other loud voice in my head is always saying “You are on vacation! Sleep in!!”  I do walk ON the beach. Basically that is my goal for this year, more walking,  more movement in general! Maybe I will be lucky enough to find a nearby 5k around the same time!

    • Christie O.

      I LOVE doing 5ks in places where I don’t live — so much fun! And a great way to see the area! do it!!! have a great summer!!!