The New Food ‘Pyramid’

You may or may not have heard yet, but our food pyramid has changed! For the first time in over 20 years we have a new guide for nutrition!

The old guide was the food pyramid I am sure you remember it, the groups of food in descending order, labeling how much of each group you needed to eat each day. It was a good guide but honestly a bit confusing right? The concept of putting something simple on a plate is just simply amazing!

The main reason behind the change? We eat food off of a plate not a pyramid. If you look at it even for a few seconds you get a quick guide of what you should aim to eat at every meal.

Can you visualize what is best? Half of your plate should be fruit and vegetables. This is is important because the old pyramid stressed the importance of grains. Grains and protein are equal on the other side of your plate. Half of your daily intake of grains should be from a whole grain variety. They also changed the milk suggestion and recommend switching to skim or 1% milk.

The new plate is a great visualization of what exactly is best for us to eat on a daily basis. If you are looking for nutrition advice by the way this website is a great start. At choose my plate you can create a custom profile for your self and get daily meal plans for you and or anyone else in your family. Did you know there is also a food and calorie tracker on the website? Did you know there is also 15 pages of recipes already?

The best part of choose my plate? It is free! Yes free nutrition information, meal plans, and trackers all yours for free. So if you are on a plan or thinking about even just trying to eat better this is the website to get on.


What do you think of the new food plate?

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  • Anng

    This website has some pretty good info on it! I definitely need to do some more reading on it. Thanks for the post!

  • Anonymous

    Gonna look into that.
    One thing though. The food pyramid had changed.  In 2009, showing the different food groups as parts of the pyramid vertically or however you would describe it as they flow from the point of the pyramid down to the base showing fruits and veges combined taking up more room than grains.  And exercise was added with a figure climbing the side of the pyramid.  It was called My Pyramid.

  • Anonymous

    They are getting closer to right. Your plate should really be divided into thirds … one third lean protein, one third starchy carbs, and one third fibrous carbs. I have learned so much from my trainer and the nutrition seminar he and his wife do. Very informative!

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  • Megha Sarin