The Saturday Review :: Training


OK, you got me. This isn’t a real Saturday Review in that, I really don’t have any products to review. But, it’ll be sort of a review if you stick with me. I promise.

You see, Thea has put a knife to my throat and made me the other day I was having a chat with the wonderful Thea, and we were talking about why exercise is so hard for us. We have something in common when it comes to exercise… we pretty much hate it. I like how I feel after exercise, and I am proud of myself when I work out, but i don’t get that high that most people get from working out. I don’t get that feeling of wanting to conquer the world with one hand tied behind my back. If I’m being completely honest, for about an hour or so after my work out, I get really sleepy.

Whle Thea and I were having our chat, I expressed interest in running/walking a half marathon. It’s just something that I want to do. I don’t anticpate getting hooked because I quite frankly hate to run, but it’s just something that’s been nagging at me. I want to be able to say I did it, and so, I put it on my list to do in the near future.

That’s all it took…

The next thing I know, I’ve agreed to a half marathon. The bad news is: I’ve agreed to do a half marathon. The good news is: It isn’t until November 2012. Now, I know that some of you guys may think I’m nuts to take almost a ful year to train for this, but honestly, that’s probably how long it’ll take for me to mentally prepare myself to do this. And for me, the mental part is 90% of the battle. I want to start slow, but not too slow. I may throw in a 5K or two, but all in all, I’m happy with the choice of race.

Now, here is where you come in… I have my shoes. I got those at Fitbloggin’.  I’ve run in them a few times and I like the way they feel. But tell me what are your favorite running must-haves. What are your favorite running clothes? Socks? Headbands? (ha) Lay it on me, folks. Help me make training easier for my brain. I’ll review as many as I can then tell you what I think about them.

Lay it on me!

  • Anonymous

    Here goes! I just got a pair of Danskin slim sculpt pants and love them. They fight more like tights, but are cheaper than other brands of running tights. For colder weather, I’m really digging the Mizuno breath thermo line. The headband is great! For warm weather, I like champion shorts and tanks–you can usually find on sale at Target. I’m not too picky about tops in cold weather. Long sleeved dri-fit anything works for me.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, although I am NOT a runner and probably never will be during the long training walks I did for the Komen 3 Day, I LOVED my BondiBands and FeetTures socks! I got them at Luke’s Locker (running store) and they were great….not too thick, not too thin!

  • Lisa

    Bondi Bands, Brooks running shoes, Nike technical tee, new balance running jacket, new balance running capris (we got them at Fitbloggin last year), iPod, skullcandy earbuds, a fuelbelt.

    That is all : ).

    Good luck with the training- so proud of you girl!

  • Amy Frame

    I love my Fila workout gear.  They have the best pants in all lengths. 

  • Brooke F

    the champion line of shorts at target – they are about the only long enough shorts i’ve ever been able to find!  clif shotbloks for long runs.