Spring In2 Action Check-In {week 4}

Guys! There’s only two weeks left in the challenge!

It’s time to sit down, take a look at your goals, and see what you have left to do. How are you doing with your eating? Is your tracking going ok? Do you need to ramp up the exercise a little? Make it happen, friends. Two weeks is plenty of time to make some changes and see things happen.

But first, how’d this week go? Go forth and blog, link up, and comment away folks. It’s time to share.

Have you been keeping with up our Fitness Challenge? I bet your butt is looking gooooooood. Only a few days left. Stick with it! You’re almost there!!

Sadly, registration for the Run the ‘Hood Virtual 5k/10k is officially CLOSED! If you were able to register, WOOHOO!! Congratulations! If you haven’t started training already, time to get your newly sculpted back side in gear.

If you weren’t able to register, don’t let that stop you. You won’t be able to collect the swag, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and doing something amazing for yourself.

That’s it, folks! Have an amazing day!

  • http://www.averagehousewife.com/ Paula
  • Cori Nicholls

    Has any announcement been made on what the monthly challenge will be next month?

  • http://blissfulbedlam.com/ Tracie

    Quick checking in…

    Down 3.4 for the week (and 3.4 over all since I slid back a bit last week).

    I’ll have to catch up on blogging later in the week when I have a bit more time.

    • Andy Drouin

       Good job! 

  • Mary P. in Baltimore

    Good news, bad news and a very very special day soon…

  • http://www.everystepcounts365.wordpress.com/ Shannonabc123

    I’ve stopped losing and am about 4 pounds away from my goal weight. Need to hop back on that bandwagon! Oh yeah, I need to put myself on a training plan since I signed up for the 10k instead of the 5k!!!!!! :)


  • Andy Drouin
  • anng

    I don’t remember what the number on the scale was last week but I know that I lost 4.5 pounds since Monday. I’m getting a lot of bloating and stuff happened over the weekend and I got myself regulated by Wednesday!!

    • Andy Drouin

       good job!