Toot Your Horn Tuesday!

Well my friends, if it is Tuesday, it must be time for some bragging. Tooting, if you will. Did you exercise like a maniac? Did you do a race of some kind and kick butt? Did you meal plan and stick with it every day? Maybe you ate really well. Whatever wonderful thing you did, we want to know all about it.

I myself was thrilled when I saw that I got to write on a Tuesday. As I have told you before, I am part of Team Shrinking Jeans for the Healthy Wage challenge. I am taking this very seriously. I will not let my team down. I have been eating well and drinking lots of water. I have even been trying to get more sleep which is huge for me.

The biggest and bestest (is that a real word?) thing I did this past week was walk and boy did I ever walk. I have a great friend who is my walking buddy. We downloaded the Charity Miles app on our phones. We walk for Autism Speaks for personal reasons. We start that app and we go. In the last week, I have walked 23.76 miles. I am really proud of that. One night we even walked in the rain. We came home looking like drowned rats, but we did it. We get out there and we walk, no matter what.

So, how about you? What would you like to tell us about? Write a post and leave the link in the comments or just tell us your accomplishments in the comments. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Melinda

    Is this for the past week? If so, then I rode my bike 5 out of the last 9 days. (And walked on a 6th day.) I’ve started tracking my eating again (and am actually keeping under my calorie budget). I’ve increased my water intake. Overall, I just feel better.

    • Nancy

      That’s awesome, Melinda!

  • Bari_F

    I got up before dawn this morning so I could get my run in before work. This, my friends, is HUGE for me. (and the run sorta kicked ass since I maintained a 10 m/m pace for the tempo portion of 1.5 miles)

  • Trish

    I am also doing the healthy wage matchup. I have now lost 10 pounds and feel like i am on track for the 16.6 % weight loss. I use a product called Mila to aid in my weight loss. it is a whole natural raw food. I make a smoothie every morning with with greek yogurt, fruit, ice and Mila. It gives me the energy to do my workouts and get throught the day. It also gives me alot of Omega 3s, protien, fiber, calcium that you can miss out on when dieting. It is such a great healthy product. Check it out at

  • Shellie

    I got my husband to bike through three Metroparks with me. We pedaled 30 1/2 miles. I loves sharing my workout with him. He purchased me my Fitbit, and I LOVE it! Now I can track the calories I’ve burned, the steps that I have taken, stairs that I have climbed, calories eaten vs. burned, and my sleep cycle. I have lost 17 pounds so far. I am only 3 pounds away from my next mini goal.

  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    You are awesome, Nancy! So proud of you for all your miles!