Weekly Check-in {September 19}

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There once was a woman from Belgium,

Whose waistline had taken to bulgin’,

She cut back on the cake,

Long walks did she take,

And now the scale once more is budgin’.

That’s right, baby! I’m on my way back down to my happy weight. Only three more pounds to go! And honestly, I haven’t done anything drastic. I haven’t had the time to even think about doing something highly regimented. I cut back (but not out) on the snacks. I’m drinking herbal tea in the evenings and saving the wine for the weekends only. I’m moving more, and more often, with purpose. And it’s showing.

I still want to get back to working out intensely. But now is not the time. Wait for my next post to find out exactly why, if you don’t already know :) But I’m walking, talking, living proof that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can make progress just by making small, simple changes. I challenge you to try it!

So that’s me. What about you? If you’re a weigher, hop on that scale and let us know how it goes. Is the scale your best friend today? Or is it a lying, no good son of a… I digress. If you’re not a weigher, join in the conversation anyway! Everyone, tell us how your week has been. The highs, the lows. What changes have you made? Or what changes do you need to make? Little ones, like mine, or great big, couch to marathon changes? Enquiring minds want to know!

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  • Brooke F

    i’m doing well. lost again this week – awesome, given that i’ve been fighting a nasty cough and haven’t really exercised in a week.

    • Paula

      Hope your feeling better soon. Glad your cough is working to your advantage and your weight loss continued.

  • Indiri

    My weight is slightly up (1.5 pounds) but I hit my first body fat goal of 24% and I’m thrilled about it. I was starting to get bored and frustrated with all of the work but hitting my goal renewed my motivation.

    • Paula

      Congrats on hitting your body fat goal. Celebrate the victory!

  • Paula

    I am up 1 pound, unfortunately. I need to track more. I am seriously considering weighing in once a week, not daily. I get too crabby when the scale goes up. Feel motivated right now.

    • http://www.traveling-well.com Karena @ Traveling Well

      Ugh, I know that feeling. I actually only weigh every couple of weeks. Otherwise I get too rapped up in the number and not rapped up ENOUGH in the healthy living lifestyle I’m going for :)

  • http://www.whereverimaywander.com LissaJoy

    Way to go girl!! I think I have finally reigned myself in this week, too!

    • http://www.traveling-well.com Karena @ Traveling Well

      How you have the time to do anything is beyond me!! Good job, girl!

  • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

    Proud of you, Karena! Everyone did a great job this week :)

  • Andy Drouin