Couch to 5K Check-In #8

Here we are- the last week of Couch to 5K. Are you ready to pound the pavement?  Are you feeling strong?  Did you stick with it the whole way through or did life get in the way as it so often does? Have you started thinking about *what’s next*?  Can you believe that you are here at week 9 already?!  So many questions, but only you have the answers.  If you still have any burning questions about running (and most of us have at least ONE), then post it in the comments section and I will try to answer it.  Talk to me peeps….and Happy Running!

Week 7- Days 1, 2,and 3
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.5 miles (or 25 minutes).

Week 8- Days 1, 2, and 3
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.75 miles (or 28 minutes).

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Week 9- Days 1,2, and 3
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).

  • Karena @ Shrinking Jeans

    I can’t believe I made it to week 9! I have a race planned for next weekend – can’t believe that, either :) Thanks, SJ crew, for making that possible!

    • Lisa

      I am SO proud of you Karena! I know that you have tried before and for various reasons, didn’t make it to the end of C25K. You totally get a fist pump for achieving this goal- woot woot!

  • Tania Bullis Klanica

    I can’t believe I made to Week 9 either! I’m thinking of signing up for a 5K on Mar. 9th, just haven’t committed yet! It would be my first official run EVER! Yikes! I haven’t ran a full 3.1 miles yet, so I’m still leery.

    • Lisa

      Sign up already!!!!

  • Kristen

    I just started week 8 and can say that I am hooked. I plan to go on to 10k training as well, with the dream of a 1/2 in the future. My ‘burning’ question is what is your opinion of Virtual Races? The 5K season doesnt realy get underway here for a few months. A virtual race is done on your own time and own route a fee is still paid and you are somewhat accountable to complete, but I’m not sure. Thank you for all the support!!

    • Lisa

      Kristen, we hold Sisterhood Virtual Races twice a year and I love it! You get to map your own route, do it at convenient time for you and arrange your own cheerleaders or team. You should definitely look into doing the next one we host.