bondi-bands-christy-lissaStarted in 2008 (because their jeans were too tight) by Christy Mensi & Melissa Anderson, the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is a group of women, chronicling their weight loss on a community blog.  The Sisterhood is not just limited to the founding members, though.  Others who are interested in losing weight or living a healthier and more active lifestyle are invited to join the site.  These members are able to participate in weekly weigh-ins, monthly weight loss challenges, as well as exciting, healthy living giveaways. Through joining the Sisterhood, each member is given just what they need: support, encouragement, friendship, and accountability. And in turn, they reciprocate these cornerstones of the Sisterhood.  In short, what the Sisterhood strives to do is take weight loss outside of the individual, making it a group effort.


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The Sisterhood is so much more than a weight loss blog. On a daily basis, the Sisters post about their goals, struggles, and triumphs. They keep it real and–more often than not–it’s pretty funny. In addition to the personal angle, the site is filled with valuable information on health and wellness issues, reader-tested recipes, product reviews, fitness and workout tips, and giveaways.  The Sisterhood is different from other weight loss sites because we fully acknowledge that setbacks do happen–and sometimes, you just can’t say no to that second (or third) nacho.  As a community, we offer tips and encouragement to turn the setback into a step forward, again making this so much more than just a weight loss blog.

From the beginning, the Sisterhood has been a huge success. Our readership has boomed, and our site traffic continues to grow every day. The feedback we’ve received from our readers not only amazes us, but inspires us as well.
Team Shrinking Jeans
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