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Category: LOSE IT

"Throwing Down the Gauntlet" on Sugar
[ 3 ] 04/12/2014

“Throwing Down the Gauntlet” on Sugar

  The Free Dictionary says, to “throw down the gauntlet” means: to invite someone to argue, fight, or compete with you The other day I posted on Facebook about the possibility of dropping sugar from my diet (and dealing with my severe cravings with coconut oil) like this lady did and the result of that […]

Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge
[ 3 ] 04/09/2014

Spring Into Action, Week 4

Good morning, shrinkers! The sun is shining and it’s supposed to be in the SEVENTIES here in North Dakota! SEVENTIES! That makes me happy! There is nothing better than a beautiful day to bring you out of a gloomy funk! I envision lots of glorious evening walks with my kiddos this week, thanks to the […]

Spring Into Action, Week 3
[ 6 ] 04/02/2014

Spring Into Action, Week 3

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY weigh in day, shrinkers! And welcome to April! WOW, where has this time gone? Already 1 quarter of the way through 2014 – are you getting closer to your goals you set for yourself? Well, we’re so glad you’re here and part of our fantastic Spring Into Action weight loss challenge. Weight […]

Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge
[ 9 ] 03/26/2014

Spring Into Action, Week 2 Check-in

Good morning, shrinkers! How are you? Is spring blooming all around you, or are you one of the lucky ones who’s getting more yucky winter weather? Don’t fret, the warmer weather will be here before you know it! It’s time to go jump on your scales and see if the numbers moved down this week. […]

Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge
[ 20 ] 03/19/2014

Spring Into Action, Week 1 Check-in

Good morning!! It’s time for our weekly check-in here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. If you’re participating in our Spring Into Action weight loss challenge, you do not have to officially submit a weight this week. The only official weight you’ll have to submit is your final weigh-in the last week of the […]

The Key to Successfully Losing Weight, For Me
[ 1 ] 03/13/2014

The Key to Successfully Losing Weight, For Me

The key to successfully losing weight for me was all in my diet.  I don’t mean I *dieted* because the word diet conjures up so many negative connotations.  When I say diet, I mean changing the way I ate, what I ate, and the portions I ate, being mindful of what I consumed, making a […]

Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge
[ 18 ] 03/12/2014

Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge #springintoaction

Welcome to our brand new weight loss challenge, Spring Into Action (#springintoaction)! We’re knocking on Spring’s door, and far enough away from January 1st, that most of you have long forgotten those new year’s resolutions you made. Mmmmmmhmmmmm…..yeeeah… remember those pesky little goals you made, right? Like losing weight, eating better, and exercising? Yeah *cough […]

Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge
[ 10 ] 03/05/2014

Check-In Wednesday

Good morning shrinkers! How has your week been? I’m slowly getting back to reality after a trip to a tropical paradise for a week. I miss the sun and warm, sandy beaches.   This cold, damp weather is not fun. It’s March, which is practically summer in Texas! So, this is a non-challenge week, but […]

Thirty 48 The Sock Geeks
[ 1 ] 03/03/2014

Thirty 48 The Sock Geeks

Thirty 48 is a recently launched manufacturer of running socks and compression sleeves.  They have put care into extensive research before any sock or sleeve enters manufacturing and state “our socks are an affordable option to maximize your comfort, keep your feet dry, and your blood well circulated. You need socks that perform to your […]

Time-saving workouts: HIIT
[ 2 ] 03/02/2014

Time-saving workouts: HIIT

Life’s busy. And sometimes (even though we hate to admit it), that can get in the way of a good workout. However, if you can put the excuse demons at bay and have a good 20 minutes, you can get a decent sweat fest in, especially if you do high-intensity interval training. High-intensity interval training, […]

New Year's Weight Loss Challenge, Final Check-in
[ 1 ] 02/26/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge, Final Check-in

‘ Today is the final check-in for our New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge. It’s been EIGHT weeks! Can you believe it? I don’t know whether to pump my fist in the air because I’ve lost weight and been successful, or cry because the year is flying by so fast already! So go jump on your […]

ensō Roller
[ 0 ] 02/23/2014

ensō Roller

A couple weeks ago, the good folks at EvoFit contacted The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, asking if we’d like to take a look at their ensō roller.  I’m always interested in checking out the newest gear so I jumped at the chance. According to their website: ”The ensō roller increases your performance and enhances your recovery […]

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Boot Camp Challenge #WLBootcamp #weightloss #challenge
[ 2 ] 02/19/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge, Week 7

We’re rolling in to the last week of our challenge! Can you believe that it’s already been 7 weeks. SEVEN glorious weeks of losing weight together, and having fun doing it, most of the time ;) Personally, this challenge has been one of the best that every happened to me. Not only am I trying […]

New Year's Weight Loss Bootcamp: Week 6 Check-In!
[ 1 ] 02/12/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Bootcamp: Week 6 Check-In!

We are flying through the second half of our Weight Loss Bootcamp Challenge! We are at the end of week 6, which means there are only 2 weeks left! How are all of you doing? Did you have a scale victory this week? How about a non scale victory? Either way, we are kicking some […]

Sexy and Slimming Valentines Day Food
[ 0 ] 02/07/2014

Sexy and Slimming Valentines Day Food

Just when you thought you were past holiday eating and indulgence, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner with loads of chocolate, wine and decadence. Instead of spending the Day of Love eating rich foods that leave you feeling bloated and heavy, amp up the chemistry between you and your partner with these deliciously sexy […]