Current Challenge

Welcome to the Sisterhood!  Here is some information to help guide you through our newest group weight loss challenge!


What’s the challenge this time at the Sisterhood?  We’re teaming up with DietBet as the first-ever Master Coaches to host a 6-month Transformer game! For real. This is ground-breaking stuff here. Get in on the action, and help make this exciting first a success first for all of us! We’re calling the challenge: Commit to Your Fit #committoyourfit, and in this challenge you get PAID to lose weight!

When does it begin and end? Wednesday, May 14th through Friday, November 14th. SIX whole months = 6 DietBet Rounds. For real.

Why is this challenge 6-freaking-months long? Long story short, we know that summer into fall is the hardest time to stay on track with weight loss. We’ve all kicked serious butt from January 1st until now, but with the lazy days of summer looming ahead, so comes the lazy days of dieting. Or, for lack of better words, the DOOM of your shrinking jeans. So, we’ve got your backside, thus this awesome DietBet Transformer challenge of 6 months.

How much do I have to lose? You have 6 months to lose 10% of your body weight. So if you weight 200 pounds now, you’ll have to lose 20 pounds in six months. DietBet breaks it down into monthly goals to make it easier for you to be successful. You can read more about the breakdown and goals here.

How often do I have to weigh-in for DietBet? You’ll have to submit your initial weigh-in photos to DietBet, and then submit new photos at the end of each 4 week round. And, of course, your final weigh-in at the end of the game.

Can I weigh-in more often than 1x a month? Yes! DietBet now gives you the option to purchase 25 weigh-in Tokens for $20 when you check out when you join the game. You can use these tokens to submit official weigh-ins as often as you’d like. And as an added bonus, you’ll be eligible for weekly drawings for awesome prizes like FitBits, Under Armour gift cards, bikes, and other cool prizes. You’ll also be able to purchase extra tokens after the game starts. Lastly, tokens are non-refundable, unless you purchased them on accident when cashing out. DietBet can make exceptions in those cases, and you would just need to contact their customer service.

What if I don’t want to lose 10% of my body weight? Well, this game isn’t for you, then. Sorry! We’ll still have our weekly check-in posts each Wednesday on the site here, so you won’t be left out in the cold…..I mean heat.

Can I join at anytime? With the DietBet Commit to Your Fit Transformer game, you have a small window in which to join. You can join now, and you MUST have your starting weight submitted by May 13th. No later, and absolutely NO exceptions will be made. It’s not up to us. Sorry.

How do I find all the posts for the challenge? You can click here to see all of the posts! We’ll continue to have weekly check-in posts, but we’ll also have a special mid-month DietBet Commit to Your Fit post each month!

The Fitness Challenge: Each and every month, we’ll have our monthly fitness calendars available! May is all about STREAKING, too. And no, we don’t mean running around naked. We just mean running. A little bit of running every single day = Streaking. You can do it!

Must I be a woman to join? Heck, no! We welcome women, mothers, brothers, fathers, absolutely ANYONE!

What do I need to do? Go ahead and join the game now. Two days before the start of the game, you’ll receive an email from DietBet prompting you to submit your initial weigh-in to the DietBet team. You can submit it right from your iPhone if you download their handy-dandy app. They’ll verify it’s all good to go, and give you the green light.

How much does this cost, and do I have to pay the entire amount up front? The cost for the 6-month DietBet Commit to Your Fit Transformer game is $25 a month. You can pay it all upfront and save $25, or you can pay it out each month: $25 a month.

How much can and win, and how does that work, anyway? At the end of each round (or every 4 weeks), you’ll submit your weigh-in to DietBet, and if you ‘win’ the round by meeting the goal, you WIN! At the end of the 6-month challenge, you’ll submit your final weigh-in, and within 48 hours, DietBet will verify and pay your accumulated winnings!

What if I don’t want to lose weight, and just want to hang out and exercise with y’all because you’re cool? That’s great! We welcome losers, non-losers, people new to fitness, and people training for their 52nd marathon. Join the fun!

Do I have to have a blog? Nope. But you should! They’re free and journaling while losing weight is awesome. No excuses people!!!

What if I have information I want to share? Please share any thoughts, recipes, product reviews and meaningful blog posts with us. You can e-mail us anything.  (Except pictures of chocolate or pizza) We’d love for this site to feel like your home, so get your running shoes on and get comfortable!  More than likely we will share whatever you send us!  Just keep it clean and pertinent!

You can also engage in conversation with your fellow Sisters and Brothers in the comments sections of posts.

Do you happen to have any advice for me for this challenge? Why yes we do. Don’t be a procrastinator! Join us and in 6 months you’ll want to kiss us on the mouth. And we’re okay with that. Virtually. Not in real life or anything. Seriously. What have you got to lose other than that extra 10% of your weight that’s floating around your body.

Do I have to follow a certain diet to join this challenge? Oh goodness no.  Do whatever works for you. Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, calorie counting, clean eating. It’s all up to you!

Can I put a button on my blog promoting this challenge?  I certainly don’t want to keep all of this healthy goodness to myself! 
Goodness yes. Buttons with codes can be found up there at top under “Button Up“. Grab one of our logos buttons and the current challenge button for your blog’s sidebar. Go ahead; all the cool cats are doing it!