Learning to Successfully Adult

learning to successfully adult

Tomorrow, I will turn 32. At 32 years old, I will be a wife, a mom, a homeowner, a full-time employee, and a pet mom. I am training for my fourth half-marathon and I still am trying to remember that chocolate chip cookies and a diet coke do not a healthy lunch make. I still have to drag myself … [Read more...]

Running Away or Running Towards

running away or running towards #shrinkingjeans

Are you running away or running towards something? I use the word running but only in the figurative sense as I completely understand everyone has chosen for themselves what they are committed to right now. Some are running with Couch to 5K, some are doing strength exercises,  some are CIZE'ing … [Read more...]

Tips for Reversing the Lazies

Tips for Reversing the Lazies #shrinkingjeans

Dictionary.com defines lazy as:  1. averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent. 2. causing idleness or indolence. 3. slow-moving; sluggish. My own definition would be "I don't want to do it because something else is more enjoyable". Recently, a couple of my friends and I … [Read more...]

Don’t Break the Chain


I’m pretty good at making goals. I absolutely love outlining every awesome thing I’m going to accomplish. I’ll spend hours planning it all out, creating calendars, reward programs, daydreaming about how great I’ll feel once I’m on the other side and have attained my goals. Two weeks later I’ve lost … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Start Losing Weight TODAY

Four Tips to Start Losing Weight TODAY #shrinkingjeans

I have always wanted to be that person who just lost weight with zero effort.  When someone would ask me how I have managed obtaining my figure, I would just breezily flip my hair and say, “I really didn’t do anything at all.  The weight just MELTED OFF on its own while I ate too much and sat on the … [Read more...]

Putting the Focus Back on YOU

Putting the focus back on YOU. #shrinkingjeans

As a mother of four boys, I know the struggle of trying to find time for you. It has taken me almost 13 years to finally figure out that not only am I worth the time and effort, I owe it to myself and my family to do what I can to be the best me that I can be. Now let’s be clear, that “me” … [Read more...]

JuneYears Resolutions

JuneYears Resolutions

Funny thing about that month of June. While I'm personally partial to it (ahem, it's my birthday month!), one can't help but notice that at the same time June is ramping you up for summer, she is also bitch-slapping you in the face because the year is half over. HALF. OVER.!! Remember back in … [Read more...]

Fighting stagnation

Fighting Stagnation

In December 2014, I weighed 15 pounds heavier than I did when I gave birth to my daughter nearly two years previously. It wasn’t that big of a deal – 15 pounds isn’t that much, right? Well, that’s true – but it’s also not true. Fifteen pounds can be a lot – especially when it’s 15 pounds away … [Read more...]

90 Days Until 50

90 Days Until 50 #shrinkingjeans

In exactly 90 days, I will turn 50 years old! The age that I've always thought of as officially being OLD! The age that most people think you've lived half your life. The age of "over the hill" and "black balloons" (and believe me, if any of my friends decide to surprise me in this way there will be … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Hello, fellow Shrinkers. How've you been? It's Tuesday which means it's the day of the week we celebrate the big and small victories that we've experienced lately on this journey of ours to get fit and healthy. We often get fooled into the notion that success is only measured by what the scale is … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn: What Are You Proud Of?

toot your horn: what are you proud of this week?

It's Tuesday and time to toot your horn! In case you are new around these parts and have not a clue what I mean when I say "toot your horn" let me take a minute to explain myself! We are here to encourage you and help you in your health and fitness journey and one way we do that is by letting you … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Fitness Inspiration

Fitness Inspiration

Being the older sister here doesn't mean that I know it all. As a matter of fact, some days I feel like I know very little about this quest for health and fitness. But, some days I find inspiration in all kinds of places. Today's post is inspired by a former preschool mom who is on her own quest … [Read more...]

Motivational Tips for Whole30 and more!


***I was sitting in front of my blank computer screen trying to come up with ideas on what to write about for this post and had NADA, NOTHING! Nothing was coming into my brain. I had originally thought I might do a Vlog but decided I didn't feel like listening to my graveling, congested voice and I … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Some Motivation


Back in the early days of Shrinking Jeans, we used to have something called The Monday Project. Almost five years ago today, our assignment was to make a motivation board. The idea was to make something that you could look at to remind you of your goals and to keep to give you motivation when you … [Read more...]