Did y'all enjoy reading our Ultimate Runner Gift Guide + Giveaways Galore?  Well it's time for us to officially announce the winners- scroll down through each gift to see who the winners are.  Winners have been emailed already with next steps.  If a winner does not get back to us within 48 hours, … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer FINALE! {results}


For the past 11 weeks, we have pushed ourselves, ate the right foods, and sweated our butts off. Okay, well, maybe I didn't, but it's obvious by the numbers that some of you have been working so hard! The final results  are SO CLOSE! The Top 3 teams are separated by less than a few tenths of a … [Read more...]

Girlz N Gear Winner and Twitter Party TONIGHT!


The winner of last week's Girlz N Gear Giveaway is Tish!! Tish, email me your tshirt, size and style preference along with your snail mail address: [email protected] mkay?? For everyone who didn't win, Girlz N Gear is sponsoring  a Twitter party tonight at 8pm ET! Follow the hashtag … [Read more...]

Final Leaderboard::Spring In2 Action Challenge

Spring Into Action1-01

Can you believe the Spring In2 Action challenge has come to an end? I know I can't! Seems like time is flying by at a speed that makes my head spin around. I won't make you wait for the final results any longer! Here are our Top 10 Shrinkers!! Top 10 Shrinking Buds* 8.31%    melissa and lori … [Read more...]

Spring In2 Action Challenge Kick-off

Spring Into Action1-01

WELCOME to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! If you're new around these parts, we are so happy you're here! What is Spring In2 Action? It's our newest online, group weight-loss and fitness challenge! If you haven't already registered for the challenge you can go HERE to take care of that. … [Read more...]

Power of One Challenge FINAL Leaderboard

Power of One Badge2-01

DAMN! All of you did some serious shrinking over the past 8 weeks. Some of you were first time challengers, and some of you have been with us since leisure suits were in style! Either way, we're so glad you're here! Results 294.4 total pounds lost  from the final 42 challengers. WOW. That's … [Read more...]

Power of One::Leaderboard Week 6!

Power of One Badge1-01

I've been a busy baking bee this morning, so this is going to be short and sweet! How are you doing? From the looks of the numbers, lots of you are SHRINKING BIG! Congratulations! We're down to the wire, because this challenge ends NEXT WEEK! That's right, so give us all you've got this week … [Read more...]

Holiday Hoedown Leaderboard:: Week 4!

Howdy, there! Seriously? Are we really almost done with this challenge already? Once again, there have been some awesome losses shown by teams this week! I know how tough it is through these dessert-laden holidays. Oh, yes I do. I am so proud of you for trying to kick the holiday weight gain to the … [Read more...]

Holiday Hoedown Leaderboard:December 9th

He-eeeeey, Ho-oooooo. Based on all the numbers this week, we have some teams who are kicking ass, and we have some teams who are fizzling. Which group are you in? Here are the results of this week's weigh-in. Keep in mind that the Weight Lost Leaderboard is the cumulative %, meaning over the … [Read more...]

Winners- Holiday Vlogging Contest


I know you guys have been anxiously waiting for the *Big* announcement of the winners of the Holiday Vlogging Contest and here it is! Grand Prize- BARI!,  Crock Pot Touchscreen Slow Cooker (6.5 qt) + The Healthy Slow Cooker cookbook 1st Prize- BROOKE! Oven to Table Cookware + Ellie Krieger, … [Read more...]


Hey all! Happy Halloween Eve! I just got back from Trunk or Treat and may or may not have overdosed on Reese's Cups when I looked up and thought "OH CRAP! I forgot to pick a winner for the Fitbloggin'!" I licked the chocolate off my fingers, realized the irony of me licking chocolate off my … [Read more...]