The Final Rethink Your Shrink Weigh-In: The “Don't Go Anywhere” Version! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Oh dear shrinkers, rethinkers, and rethinking your shrinkers! I cannot fathom the fact that this is the last weigh-in of the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge! Don’t pay attention to the sister behind the computer who’s getting all teary-eyed!

(Um, edited to note: Boy, we can’t get anything past you guys, huh!? No, you’re not crazy. Apparently we Sisters are great at subtracting when it comes to pounds. And adding is a whole different story! Or we were so superexcited about the Olympics that we got all worked up. But you’re not crazy, the challenge was scheduled to be 7 weeks, but somehow got turned into 6.  We hope you’ll forgive our minor oversight and promise not to end any future challenges early accidentallyonpurpose! (And will even extend the next one by a week to make up for it!)

Back to regular programming.

Before I get to the mushy gushy stuff, why don’t you head on over to the scale, turn on the light, step on in whatever you wear or don’t wear, peer at that number that is hopefully smaller than when you started it all a few weeks ago, and head back to your blog and tell us about it and link up.

OK. There.


How did you do?

And how did you do for this challenge? Make sure you comment with your starting weight, ending weight and pounds lost!

And have you seen this week’s Monday Project? That’s where we recap the entire challenge and all we’ve learned and accomplished, including “after” photos if you have them. Do it! Don’t forget! Finish what you started! (But don’t venture too far because there’s more coming at the Sisterhood…I’m just sayin.)

I just want to say I have had the absolute best time ever meeting so many new, wonderful strong women who have dared to bare their souls for the rest of us. Whatever happened on the scale, I have never ever seen so many people come out of their comfort zones, try new things, discover new things about themselves, and find so much of that inner confidence in one 6-week sitting than I have seen during this challenge. You’ve tried 5k’s, you’ve tried tae-bo, you’ve vlogged for the first time, you’ve sexercised!!, you’ve tworked out! You’ve ranted and raved and starved and craved and P90x’ed and counted calories and points and logged and you’ve found out that you’re made of that strong stuff! You’ve made goals for yourself that at one point you didn’t think possible.

But that’s what this journey is about, right? THE POSSIBLE! (Sidenote: Did you know that the word “impossible” really is “I’M POSSIBLE” ?? So there.)

And you’ve even gotten your husbands involved! (Mine no longer rolls his eyes when I talk about my “virtual sisters” anymore, how’s that for progress?!)

In sum, I have never seen so many NON-SCALE VICTORIES! Are you thinking about this journey a little differently yet? Are you enjoying part of the ride?

We’re just getting started here at the Sisterhood. Heck, it’s only February! So don’t stray too far and don’t get all crazy this weekend (I’m trying that new 55 calorie Budweiser), because we’re gonna groove come Olympics time. And you know them are some athletes that will do anything to get to a goal. Isn’t that inspiring? And we can’t have a big huge world-wide sporting event and not make it all about ourselves, can we?!

No we can’t!

So put on your competitive pants, ladies, whatever those are. Because it’s on!

See you at the finish line!

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