30-Day Arm Challenge: A Free Workout Calendar


I asked, you answered! An overwhelming majority of you answered ARMS! on our poll on our Facebook page last month, so arms it is! This month, our free monthly workout calendar will push your arms to their limits! The 30-Day arm challenge will leave you with strong, toned arms. It’s a gun show, yo!

Stay aware of your form at all times! It’s quality, not quantity that counts. If you find the daily totals too difficult to achieve, just do as many as you can, or break it up into smaller sets. Think the challenge is too easy? UP your daily sets! This workout is for YOU. Challenge yourself, but not to the point of injury.

The Exercises

Pushups:  Read this article on how to do a proper push-up, or modify push-ups to your individual fitness level.

Plank:  View plank demonstration video here!

Chair Dips:  View chair/tricep dips demonstration video here!

If you take a look at the calendar, you will see the numbers like this 8/30s/10. That would mean you do 8 pushups, a 30 second plank, and 8 chair dips.

Days 1 through 15, you do two sets of each exercise. Days 16-30, you will do three sets of each exercise. The month will vary intensity on each day, and some days will be much harder than others. Rest days are provided every five days to give you a chance to let your muscles recoup. Swimming, exercising, sport as an interesting way to lose weight, healthy! As with all of our monthly workout calendars, these daily exercises are intended to supplement your current fitness routine. March Madness Fitness Bracket & Other Challenges | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC. Make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness routine!

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