It’s been 12 days since our Summer Blowout challenge started here at the ‘hood. How are you holding up? Are you staying on track? Staying motivated? Have you found your groove with exercise? What about food? Are you eating better, getting your veggies and fruits? And the biggie for most … [Read more…]

On July 15th I wrote about doing Yoga to help lower your stress levels. Did you do your minimum of 12 days of yoga for 30 minutes a session this month? I’m disappointed to say that I did NOT end up participating in my own challenge. Pretty pathetic…BUT, I have lots of great excuses. Like my Marine … [Read more…]

                                                                      It’s been a while since we’ve done a True Confessions post and after the past week I’ve had I feel the need to make some confessions lest you think that us girls on the Shrinking Jeans writing staff never have a bad … [Read more…]

I’ve been making excuses for the past couple of months…and I’m DONE with a capital D.O.N.E with those excuses! **I’ve been doing so good….it’s ok to relax a little. REALITY: No, it’s not ok to relax a little when that relaxing leads to drinking gallons of coke and barely any … [Read more…]

    Good morning all you lovely peeps! I’m so glad you are here today! I hope that you are enjoying your summer and getting to do some fun things with family and friends. If you have been here a while you know the drill for Wednesday morning! Get on that scale and tell us how … [Read more…]   You know the drill, right? It’s 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night. You are tired from an extremely busy week and an even busier weekend and you realize that you have some important businessa post for the best website in the world  to take care of before getting ready … [Read more…]

source Do you guys ever take time out of your busy life to lay in the grass and actually watch the clouds? Do you ever take the time out of your busy life to sit and be still and just listen to the birds chirping and the trees rustling? We are all busy with life and responsibilities and … [Read more…]

Hi, I am Ann.. . I am nearly 48-years-old and have been married 28 years.  I have two sons: a 22-year-old Marine, stationed at Quantico, VA, and a 9-year-old boy whom I homeschool. We live in the Dallas metroplex. I have been reading the posts here at the Sisterhood since its early days and I feel … [Read more…]