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Researchers have found that imagining eating a particular food resulted in people eating less of that food later. It might sounds counter-intuitive – if I describe a chocolate ice cream cone: rich, dark brown creaminess with lumps of fudgy brownie sprinkled throughout….kind of makes you want one … [Read more…]

  It’s hard to understand why our friends or family members, who are supposed to want the best for us, might actually try to work against our weight loss efforts. Most of the time, they’re unconscious of it, or at least minimally conscious of their motives. “You only live once!” Do any of … [Read more…]

Anyone who has  tried to leave a bag of Oreo cookies untouched in the cupboard, or hasn’t been able to stop eating a delicious restaurant meal, even after they’re full, can affirm that it certainly feels like an addiction. What else could account for otherwise smart, reasonable people wanting … [Read more…]

People often talk about motivation as if it’s something they have no control over, like a flaky house guest who might steal away in the dead of night: “my motivation is completely out the window,” or “I wish I could find my motivation again!” We act like motivation is either there or not, and if … [Read more…]

When I first started reviewing the research on weight loss success, I found it extremely discouraging. You’ve heard the statistics, I’m sure: 95% of all those who lose weight gain the lost weight back, and often end up at a higher weight than when they started. What on earth is going on? Are we all … [Read more…]

So after last week, hopefully, you have a better handle on why you turn to food when you’re not hungry. Be sure to check out Emotional Eating, Part 1. The next logical question is how do you stop turning to food to fill needs it can’t fill? The next time you find yourself reaching for the pantry … [Read more…]

When I asked friends who’d struggled with their weight what topics I should consider covering in this column, the subject that came up most often was definitely “emotional eating.” There’s a good reason for this – emotional eating, or eating for reasons other than hunger, is probably the biggest … [Read more…]

How many times have you heard a friend, or yourself, say, “Oh, I’m just disgusting!” or “Ugh, I hate my body!”? No one wants to be fat. But when you tell yourself such put-downs, you may actually be sabotaging yourself and your weight-loss efforts. Cognitive psychology has long known that the … [Read more…]