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It seems as if everyone else is doing it, so I thought I would too. I bought a Wii Fit.  How original, huh? I think Wii has the market cornered on us adults.  Their marketing people did a great job…uh, well….marketing to us adults.  Us adults who can’t seem to make it out the door to exercise, I … [Read more…]

You’ve got to be effing kidding me.  Seriously.  Why do people continue to open their mouth and insert their foot?  In a big way?  And this time, in regards to me?  I went to the nail salon today for a much needed pedicure.  I haven’t had one since before the baby was born.  I didn’t schedule an … [Read more…]

The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans has been in existence now for three months- can you believe it? All of us sisters (and one brother) want to know what YOU THINK of this site.  Yes, really, we do. Is it helpful?  Do we have to much “geeky” information?  Are there enough “personal” stories or do you … [Read more…]

1. I weigh myself every day. 2. I know that I shouldn’t do that. 3. But I do it every day. 4. Sometimes it helps me stay in control of my eating for that day. 5. Sometimes, it really doesn’t even matter. 6. I did so well Saturday night resisting the temptation of a Carl’s Jr. meal deal. 7. I ordered … [Read more…]

This post is more of a note to myself than anything else.  I wanted to write down everything I ate for Thursday.  Writing down what goes in my mouth really makes me feel more accountable for my actions.  Over time, I think I will see a pattern to my eating habits.  I am going to try and do this for … [Read more…]

1.  I have thought about posting here at Shrinking Jeans, every single day. 2.  I have not posted on my personal blog here in 7 days. 3.  I feel so very guilty about it. 4.  I have not exercised since Monday, January 26th. 5.  I have lost weight since then but only because I had the dreaded flu. 6.  … [Read more…]

Are you like me and wonder how the heck different diet plans work?  What is “South Beach”?   Counting Calories- what is that?  How do I “Eat Right For MY Type”?  And what about my favorite- what exactly is Weight Watchers and how does it work? Look for posts this week discussing various diet plans- … [Read more…]

I sit here eating my Lean Cuisine dinner and huge salad with yummy homemade (low cal) dressing while my husband sits at Carl’s Jr. with the kids.  Eating all kinds of BAD BAD BAD food.  I thought about going, grabbing a salad and bringing my own dressing.  I even went so far as to check out the … [Read more…]

I had all intentions to write a post yesterday (Tuesday) introducing myself but then the FLU reared its ugly head and socked it to me.  I was laid up in bed all day long, when I wasn’t throwing up.  Throw in still having to take of three kids from my deathbed and yesterday was probably the worst day … [Read more…]

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am addicted to food.  This is the post where I talk about my love affair with food and how I am having to give it up for the sake of my health and to lose some weight. I love food.  I love most everything, but I especially love chips and salsa, coffee, popcorn, chocolate, … [Read more…]

I had high hopes of writing a post about Real Age, a really neat site hosted by Dr. Oz, but that nice long post will have to wait. The excuses are about to start so hold on! The last few days, my motivation for exercising has been non-existent.  Gone.  Bye-Bye.  Adios.  I’m bored with my exercise … [Read more…]

Yes, that’s me. tooting my own horn. I am so proud of myself.  I’m patting myself on the back right now.  Oh yes I am. You know why?  Because I have exercised 7 days out of the last 9 days. Can I get a little celebration party going on in here?! Because let’s face it- WE ARE ALL BUSY- and making the … [Read more…]

I am having real problems getting to the gym, not because I don’t want to go- I actually do want to go exercise.  The problem lies is the WHEN to go.  Between the baby’s naps and mealtimes for all 3 kids, let alone the taxiing of said children to various places, there just seems NOT to be enough … [Read more…]

Shrinking? Hell no. Growing and wearing elastic pants? Hell yes. I’m just being honest, ya’ll. The only reason I’m even writing this post is because Christy guilted me into it. Thanks hooka’. How are you shrinking, girl? Anyhoo, the holidays have been all about excess, in all food forms. There … [Read more…]

I made this recipe right before Thanksgiving and OMGoodness, it was damn awesome.  It was so good and moist that I have since made it again AND I am making it for all of the kids’ teachers as holiday gifts.  It even freezes well.  You don’t need to slather butter on it at all, just bake and serve.  … [Read more…]