The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa – 2/20 –


August 17, 2011 By Lissa

Things are not going at all as planned. I was supposed to be all SUCCESS! MOTIVATE! LOVE LIFE! this challenge, and I am just not any of those things. Good intentions, little follow-through. The thing is, weight loss and fitness are all in the follow-through. Which leaves me with the scale creeping up and the […]

July 26, 2011 By Lissa

I had a moment of clarity last week, after many weeks of being sad, lost, and not caring. I knew that I had to do something, and I took the first step and got my ass back on South Beach. The first three days were great, but then came the weekend camping trip. Two days […]

July 6, 2011 By Lissa

If you read my confessions yesterday -EEK- you would know that I was not expecting much out of today’s weigh-in. I will say, however, that I did have an awesome day yesterday. No junk. No bread. In control. It felt sooooooooo good. Amazing what that one little day can do. Can you imagine if I […]

July 5, 2011 By Lissa

I have made this for the last 2 get-togethers I have attended and we just love it! I had originally been searching for a recipe of the salad that I purchased in my virginal Whole Foods trip back in May, then happened upon this one instead. So delicious! Ingredients 1 to 2 tablespoons extra virgin […]

July 5, 2011 By Lissa

Ohmy. I am finally sitting in my own house. Seems like I have been gone for half the month or something. Wait, I HAVE BEEN. I am back, ready to get in my groove and focus, maybe even throw in a little exercise. Which brings me to the confessing part… ugh. I had 3 kids […]

June 15, 2011 By Lissa

I seem to have sort of an all-or-nothing personality. The end of 2010 found me giving it my all and having success. The first half of 2011 has been pretty much a derailing of all that success and then some. I can feel it in my thighs as they smash together when I walk. Not […]

May 11, 2011 By Lissa

Another week come and gone! Hard to believe it’s mid-May already! Craziness. Last week, I was in a complete funk, and I will admit, I went a little lenient with the sugary-goodness called candy. I shook myself out of it by Monday, though, and am feeling good as I have made it through those horrible […]

May 6, 2011 By Lissa

Reposted from my personal blog. 45 days to reach our goal. 45 days to raise enough money to save lives. 1 BILLION people do not have access to clean water. 45 days to fund a project that will help women and children spend less time walking miles and miles for {dirty} water, which will enable […]

May 4, 2011 By Lissa

Let me start this off by saying what a shitty-ass mood I am in. I am so grumpy and frustrated and BLAH. Not really just with my lack of weight-loss efforts, but my life in general lately. I’m feeling rather disenchanted, alone, worthless, and just sad. Enter pity party. I know I don’t have it […]

April 20, 2011 By Lissa

If you read my confessions yesterday, you know that things have not been pretty for awhile. {read here} BUT… Karena, Ann, and I embarked on a new sugar-busting challenge. Days 1 and 2 are done and I have been perfect and I LOVE IT. I feel like I am finally getting back in my {successful} […]