Kick-Ass April

Last month we focused on our abs… you are probably rocking a six-pack by now, right? This month, we are going to shift our focus a little lower. You guessed it! During the month of April, we are going to kick some serious ass. As in, firm up our legs and gluteus, yo.

(Pssssst…. we’ve also got another new challenge going on -Spring In2 Action! If you are looking to lose weight, or just get fit, this is for you!)

We’ve got THREE exercises for you…
click on the titles for demonstrations!


Burpees. If you want to up the intensity, throw in a push-up at the bottom of the burpee!

Wall-Sits. Feeling particularly bad-ass? Add in the kicks like our dear Christy.

I hate, hate, HATE burpees and wall-sits. But, oh, how my butt loves them. Yours will too. It’s time to firm up the junk in the trunk, swimsuit season is JUST around the corner.

Print out the calendar below, tell your friends, and spread the word using the hashtag #kickassApril or if you want a PG version, #kickbuttApril.

Let’s do this!

Looking for more exercise to get in shape for summer? Start training for our Run the ‘Hood race on May 28th! You must register by April 20th to get your race tee, swag bag, and medal!

Eventbrite - Run the 'Hood Virtual 5K/10K {Race to Remember 2012}

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  • Courtney Franson

    I’m totally doing this!

  • anng

    Sorry to say I am bailing on this one even before it starts! Gotta save my knees for walking and those darn burpees will kill them faster than anything!! But I will cheer everyone on from the sidelines for sure!!

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    Yay! I’m not pregnant anymore, I was jst cleared and can workout! Yay! Let’s do this!

    • Fuck_I_Need_A_Pic_For

      Wtf!!? O.o

  • Emily

    Definitely gonna do this!!

  • Mouse864

    Just came across this and am going to attempt this…but my question is am i to do a day routine more than once in the day or just do the group of 3 1x day?

    • LissaJoy

       This is meant to just be done 1x day! If you feel it’s too easy, you could always up it!

  • JL

    I get bored too easily and lose interest – the same 3 exercersizes every day…… booorrrrrinnnngggggg!   Anyone got something with more of a mix?

    • LissaJoy
    • Fuck_I_Need_A_Pic_For

      Man stfu. You ain’t even gonna do SHIT!! Wether it’s the same or different. Fat fuck.

  • Smasonlhu

    What are burpees? I’m new!

    • LissaJoy

       Hey! Just click on the word “burpee” in the post and it will take you to a video that shows you!

  • Etangrn1

    What’s a burpee??

    • LissaJoy

      Hi there! Just click on the word “burpee” in the post and it will take you to a video that shows you!

  • Bettina

    Hello! Your site and this workout look great. Question on the burpee (I watched the video) 30s – does that mean do 30 reps or do as many as you can in 30 secs?

    Also, I’m not strong enough to leap back from the plank after doing a few (okay, 2). Which is better, 2 at correct form, or more where I don’t always leap?

    • LissaJoy

      Do as many as you can in 30 seconds. In my opinion, it would be better to do less in the correct form! If you need to pause between each one, go for it, and as the month progresses, hopefully your breaks will get less and fewer! :)

  • Charlotte Smith

    Just printed mine

  • Crystal

    So excited to give this a try!

  • Tdizenzo

    Do we perform one set of each of the 3 exercises daily? I have been doing 3 sets in a circuit.

    • LissaJoy


  • S Sharp

    I know there is a set number of squats we do daily but when it says 30s burpees and 20s wall-sit I just do one set of each correct?

    • LissaJoy

       Correct – you do it for that time period. 30s = 30 seconds.

  • Ashley

    Do you have a substitute for burpees? I’m not physically capable of doing them yet.

    • LissaJoy

       How about mountain climbers? They are just as dreadful. ;) You can take them at as slow of a pace as you need to, and if the hopping motion bothers you, just slowly bring your leg in, touch your foot to the ground, and move it back out. Repeat with other leg.

  • Namunyak

    I just found this site and i am excited to start along with my couch to 5k training that is started on tuesday.  I do have a question… how many sets am i doing these 3 moves in one workout session?  surely its not just 1 set and youare done.

    • shrinkingjeans

      Yes! Just one set each day. It gets progressively harder!

      • Namunyak

        sweet im excited to start!!!

  • Fuck_I_Need_A_Pic_For

    Where’s the one for May?

  • Kherri

    what is a burpee? 

    • LissaJoy

       Hi Kherri! If you click on the burpee link in the post, it will take you to a video demonstration!

  • Guest

    Is the s after 30 in burpees for sets or seconds ?

  • Jasmin Arroyo Payne

    Is the s after 30s burpees for seconds or sets

    • shrinkingjeans


  • Ashlee

    Each month are you supposed to only follow that month’s workout? Or do you add the current one to the previous? I’m new to this & think this would be a good way to ease my way into a routine.

  • Laura

    Can’t wait for you to post the April 2013 calendar!

  • Michelle Martin

    Can you add the 2013 calender for April?!? Please, please.

  • Kim

    Just wanted to point out that April 1 was Monday not Sunday. :)

  • Dom

    Hi! I’m new! How many set must I do?