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Category: Monthly Workout Calendar

Kick-Ass April: Firm & Tone Your Ass with Our FREE Workout Calendar @shrinkingjeans #fitness #butt #ass #workout #calendar
[ 11 ] 03/30/2014

Kick-Ass April {monthly workout calendar}

Are you ready to have a firm and fabulous gluteus maximus? Never fear, hot buns are just around the corner! We are kicking ass this April with our fierce, FREE workout calendar and we are challenging YOU to kick some serious butt, too! We’ve got THREE exercises for you…  click on the titles for demonstrations! […]

10K a Day Plus! 10,000 steps a day, plus daily exercises to tone and tighten! A free monthly workout calendar by @shrinkingjeans #fitness #calendar #steps
[ 6 ] 02/28/2014

10K a Day PLUS {a monthly workout calendar}

This month, we are challenging you to accumulate 10,000 steps each and every day! Yup, 10K a Day! The goal is to get up and moving. The more steps you take, the better you will feel and the lower your risk for future health problems! Why 10,000 steps? The Surgeon General recommends 10K (10K = […]

Monthly {free} Workout Calendar by @shrinkingjeans : #loselovehandles Lose the Love Handles #exercise #fitness
[ 19 ] 01/31/2014

Lose the Love Handles {a monthly workout calendar}

We have waged war against our asses, we’ve buffed up our arms, and we have rocked the leg workouts… but what about those relentless love handles?  ‘Tis the season of LOVE, and to celebrate, we are going to melt away the LOVE handles! Yup! We are going to #loselovehandles! Kiss that extra baggage goodbye! If […]

True Confessions - Two Weeks In
[ 14 ] 01/14/2014

True Confessions – Two Weeks In

We are two weeks in to this new year and I know that most of us have not done everything “exactly as we think we should” so it’s time for True Confessions – Two Weeks In. So if  you have done EVERYTHING EXACTLY THE WAY YOU PLANNED over the past two weeks just kindly move along, […]

Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Bootcamp: a free monthly workout calendar by @shrinkingjeans #fitness #workout
[ 20 ] 12/28/2013

Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Bootcamp {a monthly workout calendar}

2013 is nearing an end and throughout the year we brought you twelve awesome {and FREE} monthly workout calendars. Have you been following along? Do you feel strong and amazing? 2014 will be no different… we will continue to challenge you and provide our free fitness calendars each month to help you achieve your best […]

December Already?
[ 0 ] 12/01/2013

December Already?

  Are you like me and asking yourself how it could be December already? I know my mom used to tell me the months and years go by faster as you get older and I never really understood what she meant by that, but now I totally understand!! This year has flown by with such […]

31 Days of Burpees: A Fitness Challenge from @shrinkingjeans #exercise #fitness #monthlyworkoutcalendar
[ 5 ] 11/30/2013

31 Days of Burpees: A Monthly Workout Calendar

Are you feeling like a stuffed turkey after this past week’s Thanksgiving holiday? It’s time to un-stuff yourself with our awesome, FREE monthly workout calendar! This month, it’s all about the burpees. You did not just groan, did you? Oh, wait. That was me. We may not love to do burpees, but your body will […]

Planksgiving: 30 Days of Thanks and Planks {monthly workout calendar}
[ 24 ] 10/31/2013

Planksgiving: 30 Days of Thanks and Planks {monthly workout calendar}

Another month has come and gone, which means it’s time for a new workout calendar! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to switch things up a bit! For the entire month of November, you will be planking and thanking your way to a better YOU! Each day, we will […]

Fit 4 Fall Challenge, Week 2 Check-In
[ 7 ] 10/09/2013

Fit 4 Fall Challenge, Week 2 Check-In

Good morning ladies (and gents)!  How is everyone feeling this morning?  Hopefully, smaller, right?! It’s that day of the week where we check-in and weigh-in.  Yes, weigh-in.  Go ahead and get that over with if you haven’t already done so.  If you are like me, you weigh first thing after waking up, as soon as […]

Oktober Sweatfest: A montly workout calendar by @shrinkingjeans #exercise #fitness #workoutcalendar #sweatfest
[ 11 ] 10/01/2013

Oktober Sweatfest {monthly workout calendar}

Who needs beer and lederhosen when you could have an Oktober Sweatfest instead? That’s right! Instead of rocking our stockings and trachtenbluse, we are celebrating in our yoga pants and moisture-wicking tees! This month we’ve got NINE different exercises for you… Squats: View squat demonstration video here! Jumping Jacks: View jumping jack demonstration video here! […]

30-Day Amazing Butt Challenge brought to you by @shrinkingjeans Looking to tone and tighten your butt? Join us in the #buttchallenge - an awesome monthly workout calendar! #fitness #exercise #workoutcalendar
[ 4 ] 08/31/2013

30-Day Amazing Butt Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

Can you believe it’s already September? It seems like summer just barely started and now it’s already time for the kiddos to be back in school! That means more time for working out, right?  Last month we had a Fab ABStravaganza… you are probably rocking a six-pack by now, right? This month, we are going […]

FAB ABStravaganza! A 30-Day Ab Challenge {monthly workout calendar}
[ 11 ] 07/31/2013

FAB ABStravaganza! A 30-Day Ab Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

Are you ready for the August monthly workout calendar? Drumroll, please! It’s a Fab Abstravaganza! We are focusing on all things abs and core! This workout calendar can be used as a supplement to your current fitness routine, or you can join us in our free weight loss challenge and Shrinking Bootcamp series beginning on […]

30-Day Arm Challenge {monthly workout calendar}
[ 30 ] 07/01/2013

30-Day Arm Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

I asked, you answered! An overwhelming majority of you answered ARMS! on our poll on our Facebook page last month, so arms it is! This month, our free monthly workout calendar will push your arms to their limits! The 30-Day arm challenge will leave you with strong, toned arms. It’s a gun show, yo! Stay […]

Crunch It June: A 30-Day Ab Challenge {monthly workout calendar}
[ 29 ] 05/29/2013

Crunch It June: A 30-Day Ab Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

It’s time to get those abs looking fab this June! This month, our free monthly workout calendar is a 30-Day Ab Challenge in the form of everyone’s favorite… crunches! Hold the applause, please. We know you are soooo excited! You should be, since you will be showing off your six-pack in no time! The month […]

30-Day Squat Challenge by @shrinkingjeans #exercise #fitness #workoutcalendar
[ 38 ] 04/30/2013

Squat Away May: A 30-Day Squat Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

It’s time to squat away May! This month, our monthly workout calendar is taking a bit of a different form… as in a 30-Day Squat Challenge! Oh, stop your groaning! You will thank us when your showing off your ass and thighs in a bathing suit next month! The month will vary intensity on each […]