C25K + Strength Training & Abs {Monthly Fitness Calendar}


Our monthly fitness calendar for September is a little different than the calendars we usually put together. This time we're doing a C25K + Strength Training & Abs because on Sunday, we're kicking off a Sisterhood-led C25K program leading up to our virtual race on October 31st. This calendar is … [Read more...]

31-Day Ab Challenge || Monthly Workout Calendar

FREE 31-Day Ab Challenge workout calendar #shrinkingjeans

Are 6-pack abs on your to-do list this summer? Or every summer? Don't worry, we are here to tell you that it can, in fact, be done! With proper diet, exercise, and our FREE 31-Day Ab Challenge workout calendar, you can have the abs you have always wished for! Let's turn our flabs to ABS! The … [Read more...]

31-Day Plank Challenge || Monthly Workout Calendar

31-Day Plank Challenge #shrinkingjeans #workoutcalendar #fitnesschallenge

July sounds like a great month for a plank challenge, doesn't it? Planks are an amazingly effective way to strengthen your core and tighten your abs, and they also benefit your shoulders, arms, and glutes! Planks require no special equipment and can be done anywhere! You know what that means... NO … [Read more...]

30-Day Lunge Challenge || Monthly Workout Calendar

30-Day Lunge Challenge || Monthly Workout Calendar Full details, modifications, variations, and printable workout calendar can be found here ---> http://shrinkingjeans.net/2015/05/lunge-challenge/ #shrinkingjeans

Are you looking to tone and tighten your rear and legs just in time for shorts and swimsuit season? You're looking in the right place, because this month we are offering a free 30-Day Lunge Challenge! Lunges are a great exercise to strengthen and shape your lower body. Whether you are a beginner or … [Read more...]

Thirty Day Tone Your Body: A Free Monthly Workout Calendar

April 2015 Monthly Workout Calendar #shrinkingjeans

April is sneaking up on us fast, and that means we're gearing up for a brand new monthly workout calendar! If you're not familiar with our fitness calendars, you can check ALL of them out right here! This month we've decided to focus on ALL OF YOU - YOUR WHOLE BODY! That's right, it's going to … [Read more...]

10K-a-Day + Squats & Push-ups Fitness Challenge

10K-A-Day PLUS Squats & Push-ups FREE Fitness Challenge Calendar - Printable calendar and free downloaded Google Calendar. #shrinkingjeans

It's almost March and that means SPRING is just around the corner! We are stepping into spring with a brand-new, challenging and awesome fitness challenge -10K-a-Day + Squats & Push-ups! We are challenging you to accumulate 10,000 steps each and every day! The goal is to get up and moving -no … [Read more...]

Get YoursElf Off the Shelf: 25 Miles to Christmas


Are you all loving our new fitness challenges here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans?  I'm so inspired by everyone who has signed up to participate.  Last week, Melissa told you about our latest wellness challenge - Get YoursElf Off the Shelf.  If you missed that post, click on that little … [Read more...]

O’ Fitness Tree – 25 Days of Exercise!

O' Fitness Tree printable fitness advent calendar! #exercise #fitness #calendar

Hello dear friends! Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it's time to really get down to business with December kicking off TODAY. For the past few years here at The Sisterhood, we have invited you all to participate in O'Fitness Tree, a 25- day fitness advent calendar aimed at keep you on track - - … [Read more...]

{Get Your sElf Off the Shelf} Holiday Wellness Challenge

{Get Your sElf Off the Shelf} Holiday Wellness Challenge

The holidays are a notoriously hard time to maintain your weight, much less even dream of losing weight. But you know what? With a lot of determination, some good old-fashioned support from your cheering section here at the Sisterhood, and the right tools, you CAN do it. Today is the day! Our Get … [Read more...]

31-Day Push-Up Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

31-Day Push-Up Challenge: Free, Printable, Monthly Workout Calendar @shrinkingjeans #exercise #workout

We may be heading into fall and putting our tank tops away for the year, but that doesn't mean it's time to slack on toning our arms and shoulders! This month's free workout calendar focuses on just that! Join our 31-Day Push-Up Challenge and not only will your arms be looking fly, your core will be … [Read more...]

30-Day Buns & Guns Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

30-Day Buns & Guns Challenge: A Free Monthly Workout Calendar #fitness #exercise #workout @shrinkingjeans

We asked, you answered! The majority of our readers want a workout calendar that will do something about those arms and that butt! Here it is! It's time to strengthen and tone your BUNS & GUNS with our newest free monthly workout calendar! Bonus? It will work your lower abs, too! Ready, set, … [Read more...]