Catching Up with an Old Friend!


Back in the latter months of 2008, four wonderful women came up with an idea for a website for women. Women who's jeans were shrinking. Women who needed some support in their efforts for weight loss and fitness. Women who needed The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!Those four wonderful women … [Read more...]

Someone Special has a Birthday Today!

There are lots of May birthdays in the house! She's smart and pretty and has two children that are just gorgeous (and so is she) and she works hard for the money and she is losing weight and she is one totally awesome chic and it's her birthday today and all of us here at the Sisterhood love … [Read more...]

30 long days…

30 days. 30 long days... 30 days of having Jillian guilt guide you to a better body. Well, we are wrapping up yet another, hopefully successful, 30 day shred here at Shrinking Jeans. Have you seen results? Are you in love with your new toned up self? You should be! You worked hard for … [Read more...]

Oven fried fish

So it is fish fry season and this recipe comes just in time for lent. Not only is it quick and easy, it is heart healthy too! What you need: 2 pounds  fish fillets 1 Tbsp   fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup    fat-free milk or low fat buttermilk 2   splashes of hot pepper sauce 1 tsp    fresh … [Read more...]

Thursday three

Well good morning to you, and you and you over there in the cubicle at work. Welcome back to another Thursday Three here at Shrinking Jeans where we list three things to chat about. Yes, we want you to join in on the list of three too! After all, it is all about sharing, right? This past week we … [Read more...]

True Confessions Tuesday

Well what do you know? Not only is it my FIRST true confessions here at shrinking jeans, it just so happens to be the first confession after Christmas.  It's not pretty folks, it is. not. pretty. *While baking many, many cookies this past week in preparation for Christmas, I, Donya, ate a lot of … [Read more...]

WW English Muffins, how I love you so.


**Originally posted by Crooked Eyebrow, January 2009** I am a huge English muffin fan. Whether we use them for homemade egg sandwiches or just for a light breakfast.  Since I started to watch points and what I am eating, I almost felt like I was "wasting" points on bread. I don't know about you, … [Read more...]

A weigh-in of a different sort.

I'm so happy to announce Donya, our very own Crooked Eyebrow, had her baby yesterday, October 9th, at 5:45 p.m. She weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 20.5 inches long! Her name is Eden Elise and she's oh-so-adorable! Check out CE's blog for pictures and more updates, I'm sure! We love you, Donya! … [Read more...]


Just a quick post to update you on a couple of changes here at the Sisterhood! Our beloved Crooked Eyebrow has decided to take on a lesser role here at the Sisterhood due to her due date quickly approaching! She'll still be around and her blog is still active here, and she'll even post for us … [Read more...]

Fiber. Clearing the way to better health.


So four days into the Kellogg's All bran 10-day promise and I can honestly say that it is truly easy to add fiber to your diet. Even if only one serving at a time.  For me, adding a fiber packed snack has been the easiest. I feel that I'm clearing the way to better health, so to speak... Way back … [Read more...]

I set a goal…

I set a goal to walk 5 times this week on the treadmill and I am failing miserably. Yesterday I read so many blogs that were talking about shredding and how they felt good afterwards. Just reading them pumped me up. Thinking to myself  "this is exactly what I need to read, I need motivation". Well … [Read more...]

1st Mini-Challenge and Giveway!


1st Mini-Challenge The first mini-challenge of the Shrink Into Summer Challenge is geared to those of you who have Wii Fit. We're going Hula!! Now, I know not all of you have a Wii or a Wii Fit, so maybe this challenge is just the reason you need to go out and get one! You can always beg, borrow, … [Read more...]

Well hello again…

Well hello again... That is about all I can come up with after being gone so long. Shame on me, I know. After finally saying good bye to the first trimester, I am for once feeling like myself again. It seemed that sitting at the computer and trying to type something, anything just made me sick to my … [Read more...]