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It’s been 24 hours since I started to monitor what I eat and how I eat.  You know what the hardest part for me was today? The office at work. Yes, that room where everyone brings donuts and cookies each Monday. Those evil so and so’s. Don’t they know I’m trying to be good here? Nope. So while putting my lunch (slim fast) in the fridge I slid out quickly. Yeah for me! I didn’t touch one single sweet or delicious pastry. Have I told you how much I love Boston creme donuts? NO? Well, I used too…

Another issue I noticed I have is not getting a chance at work to stop and drink water like I should be doing. Since I’m a nurse, majority of the rules for infection control prohibit any food and or beverages in my work area. Makes increasing my water a bit tough no? I can see one goal right now is to get plenty of fluids before and after work.

I work full time out of the home which makes preparing dinners hard(for me anyways). In the week to come I am hoping to plan my meals. But the big problem lies with eating on the go. I eat breakfast running around the house getting everyone ready. At lunch I am usually running errands drinking slim fast and dinner? Well I’m usually last to the dinner table if we do cook. My meals are rushed and in a hurry, trying to get the next thing on my list done. It is my hope that if I plan wisely I can actually sit, digest and not just stuff food in. I’m eating way to fast!

My first day. I’m not always going to type it all here but to begin I need to look back at where I’m going wrong! I wanted to snack so badly tonight, so instead I cleaned. Instead of shoving another piece of halloween candy in my mouth, I swept and mopped floors, did laundry, did dishes and cleaned a bathroom. If I can managed to get past snacking after work for one week I should be right on track. At least I have the first 24 hours done!

Breakfast– 2 frozen waffles, black coffee(about 10 cups)

Lunch– small sierra mist, chicken cobb salad, very little dressing &avoided the blue cheese

(I skipped the planned slim fast  to have lunch with a co-worker, I did choose a salad over normal crap)

Dinner– small bowl rice krispies with 1% milk

If feels great not to have caved. Really good .

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