Twas the night before… | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Twas the night before the diet, when all through the house

not a person was cooking, not even ordering out…

The lunches were packed sitting in the fridge with care

In hopes that shrinking jeans would soon be near.

Crooked Eyebrow was nestled with her laptop on the couch with care

While visions of ice cream and brownies danced in her head.

in her XXL shirt and fat pants

she had just settled in for a dieting plan.

When out of the kitchen arose a sweet smell

she sprang up to see what was going so well.

Away from the cookies she went out in a flash

and to the cabinet there was a big bash

tonight it will only be water in a glass

for no longer does Crooked Eyebrow want to have a big ass.

*jotted down on the eve of our launch*

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