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So its Wednesday afternoon.. Day 3.  Things are going really well. I am really happy with my restraint and how much the scale claims I have lost.  I haven’t strayed from the plan.. with the exception I did stay up late last night. But I have been drinking lots of water and much less Diet Coke and I haven’t died or anything.  Surprising, I know.   

I even came up with this great idea for Thanksgiving. Instead of drinking lots of beer like I normally like to do, I will drink a fair amount of rum and diet coke. Fewer calories, same effect. Beth doesn’t seem too keen on the idea for some reason.   

My other idea for Thanksgiving is a common one.. easy to say but difficult to do..  PORTION CONTROL.  There are literally 15 things to eat and I want to have all of it. And I can, I just can’t have a 2 lbs of each. I always regret it when I do, my stomach just isn’t happy for hours and it just doesn’t make sense to eat like that. No sense at all.. and yet I do it.  Kind of like when you go to a Brazilian steak house and they keep putting meat on your plate .. you just keep eating because its there.. not because you are hungry..and you ALWAYS regret it.  So ya… PORTION CONTROL is where its at. 

But back to today, it is a constant effort to not eat.  But I do feel good about myself for it, so it still seems worth it.  I have to build up enough steam to keep rolling for a while, because I know eventually I will be tempted and get into a “oh I’ve been doing so well I deserve this…” mode.  I need to be on alert for my amazing ability to rationalize anything. You know.. the whole ” well,  since I didnt’ eat breakfast.. i will eat another piece of chocolate cake and I just wont eat breakfast tomorrow and it will be ok.”  I like to pay myself in advance alot, but when it comes time pay up (ie tomorrow’s breakfast) i usually just take out another loan.  So none of that this time. 

I am not counting points right now since I am losing weight with what I’m doing. I won’t start counting until I stop losing weight, sort of a way to shift into second gear with the program for when I start to plateau.

Today is a reasonable step into what are my hardest days, days that I dont have to work.   At work I am so busy and too cheap to snack during the day and thus far I have successfully avoided the well meaning co-workers and vendors with their delicious donuts and tasty cookies.  Today I am working from home and Beth has me spun up doing a million things in addition to trying to get stuff done at work, so I have had no problem at all just eating some honey nut cheerios and a veggie delight from subway with some baked doritios.

Tonight is dinner at the in-law’s and that is always a challenge… portion control portion control portion control portion control. I was thinking about bringing the rum as well, but I think that would be heavily frowned upon. I guess I’ll just stick to straight diet coke tonight.

Thanks for the encourging comments, they are much appreciated !!