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We now find ourselves right in the middle of our “Dreaming of a Light Christmas Challenge” and I hope that we don’t start losing steam. Christmas is just around the corner and we may be tempted to skimp on the exercise and indulge in the baked goodness surrounding us.

The girls and I have decided to add a little extra challenge to help us all stay on the right path. We are challenging ourselves and YOU to exercise for 30 minutes, FIVE days a week. That’s it. Any exercise you choose. Except, as CE says, chocolate bicep curls to your mouth don’t count!!

I personally know I will only be able to make it to the gym twice next week, so I am going to have to get creative while we are visiting my husband at the rig next week. It’s definitely too dang cold out to be doing anything outdoors! I have a feeling I will be doing an overabundance of crunches and push-ups.

I have been regularly working out for, oh, about 16 WEEKS now. (Wow, really?!) I started out dreading it and now (I never thought I would EVER say this!) I don’t feel complete if I skip out on exercise! I think I am finally beginning to see small changes in my body. I feel stronger, have greater endurance, and even my mood is lighter.

So here’s the deal. Between tomorrow and next Friday, we want you to strive for at least a half hour of exercise on five days. Heck, if you can’t get 30 minutes in, split it into smaller sessions; 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there. I know you can do it. We’ll post a few suggestions during the week to help keep you motivated and feel free to comment your ideas too! We’ll check back next Friday to see how your week went!

I’m up for the challenge, ARE YOU?

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