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Since eating at work is one of my biggest down falls I have started to plan and pack my lunch as well as snacks. Sure deep down inside I want to run out to Jimmy Johns (or Quiznos) and eat the best sandwiches and chips ever, but I can’t fight off temptations yet. That’s just me. I can’t tempt myself this early in the game!

Not to mention I am saving a HUGE amount of cash by not going out to eat for lunch as well. Normally a lunch costs me about $8. So not only am I practicing self control but I’m keeping the cash in my pocket to boot!

See up there? That is my lunch for today. Yummy looking isn’t it? I’m hungry already by just looking at it. Packing lunches can get pretty boring so each day I have been trying to pack something different. Most often I can be found with a slim-fast Optima(which I love) and a few snacks, but today  I needed variety. My taste buds were craving something new!

So lets run down what I have in my lunch bag shall we? 

Mid-morning snack:

1/2 cup  1 % cottage cheese (with pepper)  1.5 points




one beautiful salad consisting of:

2 1/2 cups lettuce mix  0 points

1 med tomato  0 points

1 boiled egg   2 points

1/4 tsp bacon bits   0 points   (it would be more if I used a full serving size)

one laughing cow cheese wedge ( to use as a sub for salad dressing)   1 point

Afternoon snack:


1 Mott’s applesauce cup   1 point

That’s only 5.5 points for my lunch and snacks together! Also, if I eat as planned  through out the day I will be keeping my blood sugar levels pretty consistent, therefore avoiding that whole crash and burn feeling that I usually have with dieting.

(Now after my breakfast I have 13 points remaining for dinner, yum!)

and that folks, is what is in the bag…what’s in yours?

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