Knowing when… | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Life is all about doing things at  the right time. Knowing when to go, when to speak, knowing when to stop. For me this week  was a test of knowing when to stop… eating.

This past week I wanted to snack more, take seconds at dinner, drink endless bottles of wine and scarf down all holiday cookies I wanted. Did I? Nope, not really anyways. Sure I ate yummy Oreo balls and AMAZING cheesy spinach dip, but what I realized is that I knew when to quit. A month ago I would have eaten mounds of  food while eating a dozen cookies with out even realizing it(or at least when my stomach hurt).

Although I never really felt full after meals this week, I did try really hard to pay attention to my “full factor”. Maybe it was  because I was reading up on the WW momentum plan, but knowing when to say “that’s enough and no more for me” was awesome. I still managed to taste all the yummy things I love, but I suppose I just knew when to stop.

I’m so glad I knew when to start letting myself become healthy again  too. Now I look forward to more “knowing when” moments. Maybe soon I’ll know when to buy smaller jeans…

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