Pre-menstrual Munchies | The Shrinking Jeans of Beth


Posted by beth on December 1, 2008

Well, well, well.  If it isn’t DAY ONE of the challenge and I’ve got a bad case of the pre-menstrual munchies.  Figures, doesn’t it?  But that’s okay.  I like a good challenge.  I can handle it.

(Which is a total lie.)  I just want to eat ALL DAMN DAY.  I was great during the day today, I had a perfectly planned day and was sticking to my plan, which may or may not included an illegal amount of coffee, but then dinner time hit and now I just want to eat, which is frustrating because I had such a challenging weekend and did pretty good.

Over the course of the Thanksgiving day weekend, I gained one pound, which makes me extremely proud.  My weigh in weight today was 183.2

Now, I know I have been absent this past week and I know that’s wrong, so I’ll try to do better this first full week of the challenge and blog more often.

I’m excited to see who else is participating in the challenge, just imagine all of us feeling great about the changes we have been just before the holidays.  What a wonderful gift, maybe even the greatest gift.

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