So much food so little time | The Shrinking Jeans of Brian


Posted by brian on December 27, 2008

Wow we had alot of food at our little Christmas Eve Shindig.  I managed to be reasonable with most of it. For most of the time.  There was also ALOT of food at Christmas dinner at my parents. Now there is a lot of food at the vacation house with Beth’s family.   Ugg.   I did actually lose 2lbs this week despite my cookie weakness, so that is helping me stay motivated to not just take a swim in the food that is surrounding me.    My test is on Monday so I’m studying far away from the food, so that it will just be too much effort to go eat.

I’ve lost about 12lbs since started I this ordeal about a month ago and while I can’t say I feel any differently, I do not have to worry about getting kicked off the Wii Fit for being too fat any more- which is good !  I did buy a smaller size pair of pants the other day and I tried them on today and I am not quite there yet. So hopefully in a couple weeks they will be wearable.