3 Steps forward maybe only 1 step back this time | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We are moving my office to a new building, so I have to work a little different schedule then the normal sit-at-my-desk-all-day schedule that I am on now.  So  now, I spend two hours at my desk.. then walk 15 minutes to the new building.. up 5 flights of stairs to the data center (no elevators yet) and work there for a couple hours.  Of course there are no bathrooms yet so you have to walk up and down stairs for that and for lunch we have to walk to another 10 minutes to my co-worker’s new favorite lunch place – Hooters. I usually bring my lunch to work (lean cusinine or healthy choice),  but since the new building has no microwaves or freezers or tables or chairs… well I have to go to lunch with them.  If you ever happen to catch my group in the restaurant we will be the only guys with hard hats and Iphones.  Seems everyone has downloaded the “wobble” app and well, nevermind.   At any rate, Hooters has decent food for the dieter, they have grilled chicken and Mahi-Mahi sandwiches, both of which are pretty good.  After I’m done with work I have to walk 15 minutes back to the train station.  So as you see, I’m actually getting some built-in exercise – which I think is helping because I seemed to have lost some weight since last week. Now today, I stayed home and ate a lot.. I hope I can walk it off tomorrow !

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