One, Two, Buckle My Shoe…. | The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


Posted by christy on February 4, 2009

After the complete debacle that was my weigh-in this morning, I decided to get my butt in gear and start counting my points. I mean, I actually pay for a Weight Watchers Online subscription and it just sits there, unused, wasting away.

So today I drug out my trusty food scale, my measuring cups and spoons, and logged onto WW. At each and every meal and snack, I measured, weighed, pulled up WW Online, calculated, and logged. Every single bite, lick, and taste. You know what? It felt GOOD. It felt good to be in control, to know exactly how many points I’ve consumed and what I have left. No more guessing and adding in my head.

I will do this everyday. I will, I will, I will. I’ll do it for me. And for my butt, and my hips, and my jiggly thighs. Because I’m really kinda tired of them, and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them if I don’t stay on track.

p.s. Are you sharing your love and support? Are you visiting our Sisters’ blogs and leaving them some encouraging words of support? Some “Congratulations?” Some “I’ve been theres?” Some “Keep up the good work?” You should be!! Would you please? Pretty please? You see, that’s how this site works. We all come here to share something difficult: our struggles with weight loss. Most of us would have NEVER, EVER posted our weight on a blog, but we are now. We’re putting it all out there in hopes that we might finally lose this weight, and it’s so wonderful to get some nice words of support along the way. So hop on over to the Blogroll. Click on a few links. Leave a couple of comments. It will make someone’s day. I promise.