Weekly Weigh-In | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Only two weeks left of the Looking Fine for Valentines challenge! How are you doing? Have you hit a slump or are you kicking it into high gear? Are you on track to meet your personal goal you set at the beginning of this journey?

Don’t worry if you’re not quite where you had hoped to be at this point. We still have two weeks left to shrink our jeans. Let’s get motivated and FINISH STRONG. We are so proud at how far several of you have come! Can you say amazing?!

We’ve got good things in store for you this month. Did you know it is Women’s Heart Health month? Show you care by wearing red on February 6th. Heck, if you are feeling all wild and crazy, take a photo of yourself and add it to our Flickr group! We are going to continue to focus on heart-healthy activities and foods. We are going to be having some fabulous giveaways coming up during the month of February as well and are so excited to offer you these chances to walk away with new products!

So how did you do this week? Step on that scale, update your blog, and get back here and link us to it! No blog? That’s okay, just leave your story down below in the comments. You know we all love getting support and encouragement on our blogs, so make sure you click around and share some bloggy love!

Still lurking and want to jump in? Shoot us an email -it’s not too late! Come on ladies and gentlemen, let’s get healthy!

P.S. Three of our friends and fellow Sister and Brother SJ writers are going through very difficult times right now. We cannot mend their broken hearts, but we can offer our support and love.

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