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Posted by beth on March 31, 2009

The girls and boy here at Shrinking Jeans have probably the coolest giveaway ever that starts RIGHT NOW.

On Monday, Arpil 6th, we will be hosting the Shrinking Jeans 30 Day Shred Challenge.  I know many of you know what the 30 Day Shred Challenge is, but I know many of you have probably never even heard of it before.  Essentially, the Shred Challenge was created by fitness trainer Jillian Michaels.  She has created a workout DVD that is intended be done daily for 30 days straight, the video is separated into three segments, Level 1, 2 and 3.  Each level is done for 10 days, each workout is 20 minutes long.   I think we can all spare 20 minutes a day, can’t we?

This challenge may seem easy, but make no mistake, it is a WORK.OUT.  Jillian works your muscles like many of you have never been worked before.  So expect to be sore, very, very sore.  But everyday, you must get up and fight through the pain and whip your body back into shape!

Since many of us can’t afford gym memberships, (me being one of those people) we thought it would be a great idea to find a way for us sisters to get our bodies moving in our homes in a quick, cheap and effective way.  We think this is a great option.

So, starting this Monday, the 30 Day Shred Challenge will begin.

And this is where the giveaway comes in to play, we want YOU to join the um…FUN with us.  If you already own the DVD, GREAT, jump on in!  If you’ve already been shredding all along, that is awesome, we can’t wait to join you and if you don’t have the DVD?  We are going to help you out!

The sisterhood is giving away one DVD to SEVEN LUCKY WINNERS and the best part?  Your DVD is guaranteed to arrive in time for the challenge to begin on Monday.

What do you need to do to win?

First of all, this giveaway is a QUICK ONE, just over 24 hours, so, leave a comment on this post, like RIGHT NOW.  That’s one way you can enter to win.  You can gain additional entries by tweeting this contest and/or blogging about it.  Just leave your tweet/post url in the comment section.  That’s three chances to win.

Now if you win the DVD, we of course expect you to participate in the 30 Day Challenge, so by entering, we’re assuming that you’ll take the challenge pretty seriously.  (and why wouldn’t you, can you imagine maybe being a size smaller in just thirty days?)

We are so excited to begin this LIFE CHANGING challenge with you…we hope you get excited and get in the game with us, too!

The winners will be chosen tomorrow, April 1st, at 3:00 p.m. CDT.

*shipment is guaranteed by Friday assuming the winner replies with their address by Wednesday, early evening on 4/1/09.


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I just came across these two articles that I think we all need to read.

The first one, is here, it highlights the best fast food restaurant for healthier eating, on the list are restaurants like Chic-fil-A, Taco Bell, Subway and Wendy’s, and more!  Check it out.  As much as we all know that eating home cooked meals is always the best options, sometimes between travel and our hectic lives it’s just impossible to not pull through the drive-thru.

This list is filled with the UNHEALTHIEST restaurants.  Would you believe even Applebee’s is on the list, along with Chili’s and Friday’s?

Read both of these articles and become more aware of the food that surrounds you!  Eating healthy is always an option, you just need to get educated!

Posted by beth on March 26, 2009

Do not adjust your computer monitors.  It is Beth, finally posting on the Shrinking Jeans site and while I’m doing that, I’m eating an apple.

Which can only mean one really cool and very important thing:  I am finally inspired to lose weight.  We all know that you can’t take a weight loss plunge without the right frame of mind and I finally have it.

I was hit a few weeks ago with the urge to lose weight and have actually lost 4.2 pounds in the past month or two (according to Wii Fit.)  Now I’m looking to really step it up and lose this ENORMOUS belly of mine that is currently hanging over my jeans and spilling onto my laptop.  (I know, it sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it?)

Yesterday was my first official day of counting points and I have to pat myself on the back because I did really well.  I realized two big things yesterday.  The first was that I was snacking entirely too much.  Now, in my house we don’t really have fattening things to snack on, mainly because Brian and I love to snack, but we do have too many low fat snacks.  I was finding myself all too often peering into the pantry to see what I could munch on for no good reason at all.

The second thing I realized is how important it is for me to challenge myself all of the time.  I realized that I break down this big eight week challenge in to many mini challenges.  For instance:

Shrink into Summer Challenge is 8 weeks long.

Brian and I have challenged each other for the first week to see who can lose the most weight.

Each day I challenge myself to do some form of exerciser, even if it’s just stretching for 20 minutes.

I also challenge myself daily to count and enter my points online.

Between meals, I challenge myself to not snack.  I typically set a time that I would like to eat the next meal.  Take this morning, for example.  I had a small breakfast at 9:30 and made the decision to try to eat lunch at one.  So, I challenged myself to not snack on anything and to just eat my scheduled lunch.

Then at lunch time I eat my lunch.  After lunch I decide to eat dinner around six and to not snack until then.  Which usually means that I need to keep myself very, very busy to keep my mind and my stomach off of food.

At the end of the day, if I can succeed at all of my challenges, then I’ve had a very successful day!  I make a mental note of how good I feel that I did not let myself down and make sure to remind myself the next day of that great feeling if I have a hard time not snacking.

It’s amazing what a mental game this weight loss gig is, isn’t it?