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Posted by lisa on March 30, 2009

I realize that Monday is more than half over- sorry!  Time slipped away from me. 

Here are my confessions….

  1. My baby is 6 months old and 16lbs 12oz. 
  2. Oh where does the time fly?
  3. I have been fairly good with watching what I eat.
  4. Except for yesterday at my cousin’s BBQ.
  5. I ate TWO hamburgers.
  6. They were divine.
  7. However, those burgers were really small so the meat alone was really only one burger.
  8. Am I in denial?
  9. I am back in exercise mode.
  10. I try to make it to the gym, but if that escapes me, then I do the Wii Fit at home.
  11. I originally thought Wii Fit was for sissies.
  12. After two rounds with that bad boy, I have changed my mind.
  13. My body is so sore, especially my arms from “boxing” and everything else from strength training and yoga.
  14. Who knew?
  15. I really hope to have some kind of loss this week.
  16. Maybe I should starve myself today and tomorrow?!

Interested in confessing your past week’s thoughts/transgressions/happenings?  Post on your own personal blog, then come back here and post your link in the comments section.

Happy Monday!

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