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Posted by christy on March 24, 2009

I’m not the type of person who fishes for compliments. I do what I do here at the Sisterhood because I love it. It fulfills me. It makes me happy to know I’m providing motivation for someone else. I’ve even made some really wonderful friends here. Friends I cannot imagine my life without!

April is one of those friends, and she wrote a poem about the Sisterhood! It’s posted on her blog, but with her permission I’m going to repost it here. Right now! It’s words like hers that make all the hard work we put into this site so much more worth it.

Thank you so much April, for being a wonderful friend, Sister and motivator.

And you know what? April is going to start posting here at the Sisterhood! Be sure to look for her first post on Thursday!!

And without further ado:

The Sisterhood

One Tuesday evening, not so long ago, I was sitting on my couch watching my favorite show. My laptop was handy and Twitter was open.

Some funny tweets are for what I was hoping.

Then I saw a tweet that really caught my eye. Someone was giving my favorite show a try. I looked at the profile, decided to check the site out. Then the next day I was shown what that site was about. I guess you could say the rest was history Because I’m a part of that site; it’s really no big mystery. So if you’re new here, and you’re looking to get lean,

Then welcome to The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans!

The site began with four women (and one man), And if you’ve spent any time here you can see why I’m a fan. There are challenges and recipes and ideas galore! And each and every day, they just give you more! I also love the insight and support that they give, And I know that I’ve made friends for as long as I live. Since I have joined, the Sisterhood has grown much. I love to see all of the lives that we touch. We all have struggles each and every day, And for those times too, we’re there in every way. I know on days when I’m being a sorry lass, There will be someone to give me a swift kick in the ass. So are you sold; have you joined us yet? I promise it’s not too late, don’t you fret! A new challenge starts tomorrow in the Sisterhood,

Join us! Now! Love to have you we would!

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