Huffing and Puffing | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I did the 8:30am Cycle class this morning at the gym.

I have not done Cycle since before I was pregnant, over a year ago.

Today, “cycle” kicked my ass.

And I loved it.

I was breathless within the first 15 minutes of class. I was dripping sweat. Every time my legs came up during the pedaling, one of them would hit my gut.  My legs were screaming to STOP STOP STOP already. I did not stop, although I did have to slow down or run the risk of falling off my bike and passing out.

I was out of the gym by 9:45am.

I feel awesome.

I love how my muscles are sore but not too sore. I love the fact that I worked up a sweat before 9am. I love that I am back in the gym, chatting with the instructors and exercising to good music. I love the huffing and puffing. I love the fact that when I wanted to STOP STOP STOP during the class, I did not. I kept going.

I’m back in the weight loss game and there is no stopping me now.

For realz, ya’ll.

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