March 2009 Archives – 2/6 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We are doing some spring cleaning around the site this week, starting with the blogroll. We visited everyone’s blogs, and have deleted the links of the people that we believed were not participating anymore. So, please check out the blogroll, look for your name, make sure you have a button in your sidebar… and if […]

Well hello again… That is about all I can come up with after being gone so long. Shame on me, I know. After finally saying good bye to the first trimester, I am for once feeling like myself again. It seemed that sitting at the computer and trying to type something, anything just made me […]

Do not adjust your computer monitors.  It is Beth, finally posting on the Shrinking Jeans site and while I’m doing that, I’m eating an apple. Which can only mean one really cool and very important thing:  I am finally inspired to lose weight.  We all know that you can’t take a weight loss plunge without […]

How many of us have had little or no motivation recently?  Come on, raise your hands.  Hey, you back there!  Go ahead, raise your hand!  It’s okay, we can all be honest here.  That is just one of the things that I absolutely love about the Sisterhood.  We can all be completely honest with each […]

As some of you know, I have dreams of becoming a runner. Only I don’t run. I haven’t even tried since last summer. At that point, I could go for a few minutes, then walk for several, and then jog a few more minutes… catch my drift? This morning I did not go to the […]

At the end of each challenge, we like to announce our Biggest Shrinker, present him/her with a fabulous badge, and conduct a little get-to-know-you interview. Meet Christine! Christine was our Biggest Shrinker for the Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking Challenge, with 7 pounds lost! Way to go Christine! Since Christine doesn’t have a blog (she does […]

I am writing here today, well, because I can. And I also don’t feel like writing my numbers on my other blog. WI today: 229, +2 lbs. I am pretty much back where I started last December!! Augh! I was expecting a little gain this week because I haven’t been eating very well, plus I […]

What’s up ladies (and one lonely man)?!!!! Warm weather is popping up here, and there and everywhere. Before you know it, bathing suit season will be upon us! Don’t you just love wearing a bathing suit in a public place? I need a suit that brings the “girls” to attention, minimizes my tummy area, and […]

I’m not the type of person who fishes for compliments. I do what I do here at the Sisterhood because I love it. It fulfills me. It makes me happy to know I’m providing motivation for someone else. I’ve even made some really wonderful friends here. Friends I cannot imagine my life without! April is […]

That would be the sound of my heart ready to burst out of my chest at 6:00am this morning. Do people get up this early on a regular basis, because they want to?  Or because they have to?  I digress. I was out of bed at 5:35am and my feet hit the pavement at 5:50am.  […]

**UPDATE** Thanks to the girls who have offered to sponsor prizes already!! How exciting! You rock! It’s not too late… if you have a prize you would like to sponsor, email us!** Calling all Sisters and Brother!! (Damn, we need to get some more men around here. ;o) Maybe we are a little intimidating?) Starting […]

As I started to prepare for this post, I thought I knew all about the food pyramid! You know, it’s a pyramid, it tells you how much of each food group you should eat, and it’s, um well, a pyramid! How complicated could it be right? Well, get ready for lots of links!! The Dietary […]

In case you live in a cave and haven’t heard, North Dakota is facing some serious weather and flooding problems this week. I received an email from my cousin Brien yesterday asking for help sandbagging, as his own very neighborhood is seriously threatened. I told him if the roads allowed (central ND is having a […]

I got a new range and decided to try out the convection feature. I baked cupcakes. They were mini cupcakes. I ate more than I care to admit. Well, I actually can’t admit how many I ate because I lost track. They were the best cupcakes EVER. I won’t be baking anything for a long […]

This week we’d like to welcome 3 new Sisters to Shrinking Jeans!! Christie @ Baby Tea Leaves Tiffany @ Life in the Zoo Brooke @ Smart + Strong = Sexy Ladies, thank you so much for joining us! We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for here at the Sisterhood. And to all you […]