Dead update. I mean, Shred update. | The Shrinking Jeans of Beth


Posted by beth on April 4, 2009

Listen, I’m about to embark on day 4 of shredding and I have good news.  I’m not as sore as I was yesterday morning!  I actually feel quite good!  Which is good because yesterday morning I stood at the top of my stairs and considered rolling down the stairs, I thought that it probably wouldn’t hurt near as bad as actually walking down them.

The bad news, for some of you, is that typically I would never have worked out being as sore as I was (am), because this is BY FAR the sorest I have ever been.  However, with this program, in order to follow it correctly and have it work the way it’s intended, you have to workout every single day, even if you can’t climb your stairs and putting your bra on makes you groan like a cow in labor.

So, no excuses.  (don’t you hate that?)

But I have good news, AGAIN!   Once you get into the workout, you actually lose the soreness while working out, it’s like a tiny miracle in the midst of severe pain and torture.

Don’t worry, an hour later it returns, but at least you have relief during the time that matters most.

I know I’m probably scaring the entire population of people we are committing on Monday to start this challenge and I can assure you, IT IS MY INTENTION TO SCARE YOU.

But it’s also my intention to tell you that it’s okay.  You are this sore because this is how your body should be worked and you haven’t so now it’s time to train your body to do what it needs to be doing.

Losing weight and getting healthy is NEVER, EVER EASY.  If anyone ever tells you it is, they are either lying or they want you want you to buy some product that doesn’t work.  It’s time to stop looking for the easy way out and face your current situation head on.

The workout is so hard, it really is, but anything worth doing is worth doing right and I can tell you already, this is worth doing.


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