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Posted by brian on April 23, 2009

hello everyone – I am Brian.. and I am happy that Christy didn’t delete me.. cause i need help !!  I have been gone for most of April and my weight loss has been at a stand still.  I need to buckle down again. Badly.   Isn’t it funny how you don’t really ever have the ‘urge’ to do good things like, go exercise or go to bed early or drink lots of water.  My ‘urges’ are more like.. hmm lets eat that extra scrap of food or that extra bag of M&Ms…  or I dont really need to go to bed.. I’ll be fine tomorrow.  I have been eating absolutely terribly lately .. back to grabbing a handful (or two) of goldfish and teddy grahams when I make the kids their snacks.. back to  snacking all evening long, before, after and one time I think during, dinner.  Back to grabbing a muffin or donut or whatever they are giving out for free in the morning at work.  Not where I want to be !!   I am lucky that I am doing my 20 minutes of near jogging daily or else i would have gained back the weight I lost for sure.  I have just been  basically just going up and down 2 to 3 pounds every week for a while now. Its getting old.  I like being back here .. its funny how you can feel the support just from being on this site. I am really lucky to have this outlet and I am grateful to those that keep it running and that don’t delete me after I dont’ post in 6 yrs.    During my hiatus I did get accepted into Kellogg  and I did move a ton of a data into the new data center for work and I did find out that Beth and I get to go to San Fran for a couple days so except for the fact that I ate like a pig things are really good.   We have the  March for babies coming up on Sunday as well, so that is six miles of exercising goodness for a good cause, which really does make it a little less painful ! Hopefully there will be a decent picture of me taken this weekend and I can replace the pic I have up on this site now, as that pic is from last year’s walk and I think I have come a long way since then !

It really didnt take much to get me motivated to start losing weight again. I literally began clicking around on this site, reading the articles and relating to the struggles.  It reminded me that everyone has their own battle to fight when it comes to losing weight, but the fact that we are all fighting creates a bond between each of us; a common ground that regardless of your gender, age, or size each one of us knows the pride you feel when you stare down that piece of cake (or bag of M&Ms) and make the choice to just let it go and not eat it.  We all also know the let down of when you unconciously gobble down food because of boredom or stress.   Its hard to describe the feeling that knowing that you are not alone on your journey provides, but it is definitely enough to propel me to get back in the saddle and see where the road leads.

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