Shredding, Level 2 Day 2 – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


April 17, 2009 By Christy

So yesterday, I felt like a fumbling, stumbling mess on day 1 of level 2. I should have previewed it like Lisa did! Today was much better because I didn’t feel like I had to stop to keep checking if I was doing to moves right. Here are my thoughts from today!

  1. I was not as sore as I hoped to be this morning.
  2. Because I was sliding around on my tile floors so much yesterday, which made it really hard to hold any plank position, I wiped the bottom of my tennis shoes with Clorox wipes today. Getting the dust off the bottom of them seemed to help, but toward the end, I was still sliding around a bit. I discovered that holding my core muscles as tight as I could helped quite a bit as well.
  3. I need to wear workout clothes that fit. Today I wore some yoga pants and a t-shirt because I didn’t feel like changing. Big mistake! My pants kept falling down, because they’re a little too big. When I was doing the plank exercises, my t-shirt kept falling up over my head. I will definitely be wearing my shorts with a drawstring and my usual form fitting tank tops from here on out.
  4. I hate double jump ropes.
  5. I need a better sports bra because of double jumps ropes.
  6. Jillian really needs a new sports bra too. I wonder how many times she had to readjust her girls when the camera was on Anita and Natalie?
  7. I can really feel the muscle tightness in my upper back as I’m doing all those strength exercises.
  8. I really miss the push ups. I was getting so good at them.
  9. The ab work in this level is great!
  10. When I finished today, I was a sweaty mess. My hair was completely SOAKED and my face was actually dripping sweat. I was not ‘phoning it in’ today, ladies and gentlemen.
  11. I actually managed to do most of the regular moves only resorting to the modified moves toward the end of a few exercises.
  12. I completed all the circuits without having to rest, but I really, really looked forward to lying on the floor for the ab work. I miss those damn chest flies from level 1 (and I know you know why!).
  13. I tend to lose my balance a little during those front and back lunges with bicep curls, so I took Lisa’s advice and didn’t look at the TV. I focused on the floor in front of me and kept my core muscles tight and was able to make it through only correcting a couple of times.

Tonight, I’m leaving to go out of town for the weekend, but I’ll be taking my trusty laptop, 30-Day Shred DVD, mat, and hand weights so I can shred while I’m gone!

So how do you feel about Day 2 of Level 2? Share your thoughts!!