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Hello, Sisters and Brothers!! You read that right, we are in Week 5 of the Shrink Into Summer challenge!  Only 3 weeks left!  And can you believe that it’s almost May?  Where did April go?  How are you doing this challenge?  We want to hear from you!

Here are the rules:  First, go weigh-in.  You are not allowed to throw your scales if you had a bad week.  I know you’d like to, but it happens to all of us!  I promise.  If you had a good week, you are allowed to kiss your scales if you choose.   Or maybe do a happy dance!  Next, go blog.  We want to know how your week went, so we can leave you some comment love!  Finally, leave us your link!  Simple, right?

And do you know what simple gives you?  A chance to win this week‘s weigh-in giveaway!  The sponsor of this week’s fabulous prize is Steph!  A randomly selected winner will be chosen from those who weigh-in and leave a comment by 11:59pm Pacific time!  Good luck to all!

Also, have you seen our new mini-challenge?  Dairy is so important to having good nutrition.  Did you read all of the healthy benefits from making sure you get enough dairy everyday?  Three servings are recommended each day, so are you getting enough?

One last thing, are you still shredding?  We’re onto Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred!  Are you on Level 3 with us?  If not, where are you?  Does anyone else hate the Superman move as much as I do? (I know you like the Superman move, Lisa!)  Have you fallen off the Shred wagon?  No worries, just hop back on it!

Okay, that is all.  Have a fabulous Weigh-In Wednesday, everyone!!

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