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Hey all of you Shredders!!  (or Shred the Second-ers!  Whatever you choose to call yourself!)  How goes the shredding?  You still better be shredding!  If you’ve had a rough day or missed a day, don’t get down!  Just get back to it. Now.

So, I did my first day of Level 2 today.  I missed a day last week, so I did an extra day of Level 1.  Just for kicks.  This is around the point in the Shred where I got a nice respiratory infection in Round 1 and was ordered not to exercise.  So, since I didn’t get the full effect of Level 2 here are my thoughts about it:

By now, I am not a fan of Natalie or Anita.  No one smiles that much while they are working out.  (You don’t, do you?!)  I love all of the plyometric (jump-training) moves that Jillian uses for cardio.  They are so good for you!  I still struggle with my knees so for a lot of the strength moves, I follow Anita.  But I am using 8 lbs weights!  That’s something, right?  Now, with the shoulder presses with a kick thingy, there are a couple of things going on here.  First, I really have balance issues, so I vaguely resemble a weeble while concentrating on my balance.  And my shoulders just shake when I’m doing the presses.  I heard on one of my other work out DVDs that feeling your muscles shake during strength training is a good thing!  It means you’re building new muscle fibers!  Oh, and I love, love, LOVE the walk out push-ups!  I could do those all day.  Then, we have the ab work.  Suck.  I hate them.  But I know they’re needed, so I do them.

During Level 1, I was a lot more sore than Shred, Round 1, I know this is because I’m using heavier weights.  Now, the soreness has leveled off some, so I’m curious to see how sore I’ll be tomorrow!  Also, I’m starting to see a little definition in my arms, and I LOVE that.  (At least I think I’m starting to see definition!)  So, as much as this work out sucks on some days, I do love it.

Now, how are you doing?  I want to know!!  Are you a Shredding newbie and interested in sharing your thoughts with a guest posting?  We’d really love to hear what YOU think of Level 2!!  Or are you a Shred the Second-er and want every one to know how much you hate love this work out?  Just give me a shout at [email protected]!

Keep shredding!

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