April » Blog Archive » Got Balance?


Picture it:  One day for lunch, I ran to Wendy’s with a co-worker with the intent of getting a Frosty and having just the Frosty for lunch. (This is pre-healthy April, folks.)  The building that I work in is downtown.  I park in a parking garage about a block and a half away from the building.  We were headed back to the building.  It was raining, so in one hand I have my umbrella, in the other, I have my Frosty.  I step on a tiny little dip in the crosswalk.  Normal people wouldn’t have even noticed this little dip.  However, I hit the pavement much like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. (Although, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have heels on.)  Umbrella rolled, Frosty was safe.  Priorities, people.

My balance sucks.  It always has, but here in the past couple of years, it’s gotten worse.  No worries, please.  My doctor is aware, and we’ve done tests.  All is clear, and we’re keeping an eye on it.  I have good days and bad days, but for the most part, I find my lack of balance hilarious.

SO.  Today, I’m set to jump rope. I didn’t get a chance to jump rope the past two days.  (I know. I suck.)  But the first day I did great!  Jumped the whole ten minutes with only a few trip-ups and am ready to go 12!  Music queued is Thriller.  I am ready to jump!  My balance was not.

I knew five jumps in that this was not going to go well.  Jump, jump, jump, jump, trip.  Tuesday I went much longer before my first trip.  I continued this way for a while with no improvement.  So, I decide to try to slow down a bit.  That has to help, right?  Nope.  So, this is the way it’s going to be.  Boo.

Now I had two choices here.  I could get frustrated and quit OR I could continue on as best as I could and just finish the 10 minutes.

As dorky and clumsy and silly as I’m sure I looked in my front yard, I continued on.  I didn’t go 12 minutes, but I did finish the 10 minutes.  And I may or may not have fallen once while doing my Turbo Jam DVD.  Okay, I did.  But I did it.

So, my point is that you may feel dorky and clumsy and silly while jumping rope or even doing other exercises.  But who cares?  The point is that you’re getting out there and doing it!  You’re working on getting healthy.  And whether you look silly or not doesn’t matter.  Getting healthy does.

Tomorrow, I will shoot for 12 minutes.  How about you?