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Guess what?!  We have another Sister Spotlight for you!!  Drumroll please…….


Christie O. @ Baby Tea Leaves

Nominated by:  Tirah @ Shepdogg;  One P Double G

We all need support in our lives whether it be during times that are hard or in our weight loss journeys.  Every now and then, you run across a person (or persons) that just touches your life in a way that you’ll never forget.  I can honestly say that has happened for me here, and I know it has for others of you, too!

When I asked Tirah to share a few thoughts on why she nominated Christie, this is what she said:

Christie is wonderful! She is always there to motivate you and she has wonderful suggestions. She has given me wonderful advice for my real life (not dieting) stuff that I am dealing with. She has also left me wonderful comments when I wasn’t doing so good. I gained this past week, but she is still extremely supportive.

Tirah, I couldn’t agree more with you about Christie.  I’ve chatted with her a bit myself, and she does leave wonderful comments!

I’ve also heard she sent her team “Strength, Focus, Discipline” bracelets!  Where can I get one of those?! ;o)

And did you hear?  Christie is training for a triathlon!  Amazing!

Christie CONGRATS on your Sister Spotlight!!!!

Do you have a Sister Spotlight nominee?  Brothers can be nominated, too!  If so, email me at [email protected]!

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