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I’m not even being sarcastic ! I did “the shred” this morning, Level 1 of course, and it wasn’t too bad – funny thing is that the strength portion killed me even with Beth’s little 2lb weights, cause I’m so freaking sore from the gym yesterday.

Yesterday’s workout was great, even though I didn’t use the treadmill since none of them would work under my weight .. The Elliptical machine worked fine, but after about 30 minutes my feet started to fall asleep so I figured that was a good time to quit. How funny is it that your feet fall asleep on that thing when the rest of your body is about to have a heart attack ? After that machine, I did some good old fashioned football weight lifting, Bench Press, Lat Pull downs, Triceps pull down, bicep curls.. felt like I was 19 again. Though I was lifting about half of weight I used too.. I must say that the Holiday Inn Express had one of the nicest Hotel Gyms I have ever been – and I’ve been in quite a few.

During the Shred this morning I was joined by my 5 yr old son who thought it was hysterical that I was shredding, since he is used to seeing mommy do it. Once I was done I felt quite energized and cleaned up the Kitchen and mowed the lawn and got the kids pool out, since it was such a hot day outside. We finished the day with a dinner at Applebees – I really wanted the Riblet platter….but knew I had to eat healthy .. but I don’t really like their healthy choices. So I felt like I struck a happy medium with the chicken penne pasta. I am proud to say I didn’t eat all the pasta and brought about half home. I did cheat though and eat some of the kids fries..but oh well. I’m really happy with how the day went. Just one more day of Vacay and I have to go back to the office on Wednesday. I’m hoping a good day today and tomorrow will help me keep it up the rest of the week.