June 2009 Archives – 2/3 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Are you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for this week’s results? Well here they are!!! (These percentages are based on the overall loss so far during this challenge.) As you can see, Team LIME is still in the lead, but their margin is slipping! Team SAGE is hot on their trails this […]

People will sometimes tell me that I have amazing willpower. (Forget that you read about all of the carrot cake I ate over the weekend, k?  Thanks.)  You want to know a secret?  It’s not true.  In fact, I almost believe that willpower doesn’t exist. If you place any one of my favorite foods in […]

Hello Men and Women! How are you doing? Are you experiencing some shrinkage? We sure hope so! Let’s take care of business… Get your butt on your scale, remember the number, go to your blog and write about that and how it makes you feel, come back here and leave your permalink. Or if you […]

We are coming upon the end of Week TWO of our Shrinking Days of Summer challenge! Yay! This week, we are giving away a bracelet donated by Vickie, as well as a copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny, where you can journal your daily eating habits and laugh while you are doing it! […]

Do you remember the day that you found the Sisterhood?  Of course you do!  What I remember most is getting the warmest of welcomes.  I never expected it, but I loved every single bit of it and every single comment I received from each Sister. That’s why I get so excited to see new members […]

Although I’m a work at home mom now, I had a corporate job for 8 years, complete with the cubicle farm, pipelines, spreadsheets, and status meetings. Each and every day the all important “What’s for Lunch” email would circulate between me and my co-workers. It went something like this: Does anyone want to get out […]

Today is a very special day for our very own April!! It’s her 31st birthday. HOOORAY for getting older, right? Actually, April is very excited about a brand new year, and really so am I. I met April in January while we were hanging out on Twitter and we’ve been fast friends ever since. Heck, […]

Guess what?!  We have another Sister Spotlight for you!!  Drumroll please……. SISTER SPOTLIGHT FOR SHOWING ROCK STAR SISTER SUPPORT Christie O. @ Baby Tea Leaves Nominated by:  Tirah @ Shepdogg;  One P Double G We all need support in our lives whether it be during times that are hard or in our weight loss journeys.  […]

I know alot of us are stay at home moms, and that can only mean one thing! Our kids are out of school for the summer and we have no idea how we’re going to fill the waking hours, muchless find time for us to exercise. Am I right, or am I right? I’ve come […]

Time to announce the winners from yesterday’s weigh-in post! Thank you again to our sponsors, our giveaways would not be possible without you! The winner of this notebook from Barb’s Etsy shop is Sue from Loads of Pink! And the winner of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny from Plain White Press is Ann from […]

As you can see, TEAM LIME is is our Biggest Shrinking Team this week, by leaps and bounds! Let’s all give these girls a pat on the back, they deserve it!! Erin P. Nancy W. Kristin K. Tara A. Margie D. Vickie L. We are so proud of you ladies! A few things I wanted […]

One of my biggest issues is exercise.  I’m not an active person, I never really have been.  I make an effort, but I just really don’t like to exercise. Go, me! Realizing that I need to do SOMETHING, I wear a pedometer every day.  It really is motivating to see exactly how many steps I […]

Happy Weigh-In Wednesday everyone!!  How are all of our lovely teams doing? Can you believe how quickly time flies?  Week #1 is over and done.  So, how did you do?  You know we want to know! Are you having fun with your teams?  Are you getting to know each other?  I hope so!!  This is […]

We are almost finished with Week One of our Shrinking Days of Summer challenge! Woo-hoo! This week, we have TWO awesome sponsors who are donating prizes! First, Barb is offering this super-cute journal/notebook from her Etsy shop. And second, Plain White Press is giving away a copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny, where […]

Jumping rope is one of the most simple, inexpensive, most effective ways to get a work out in. Don’t believe me?  Well, did you know that you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour just by jumping rope?  That not only is it a fantastic cardio work out, but it’s also a total […]