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And now, what we’ve all been waiting for…

(Remember, the percentages are based on the OVERALL results for the entire challenge!)

We have a new leading team! Team Sage has inched up to dethrone Team Lime from their number one spot! Way to go Team Sage, you have been working hard to shrink those jeans! We are SO proud of you! Let’s hear it for:

Steph Shawn Liz McKenzie Jamie L.


But don’t get too comfortable, Team Navy is right on your trail!

Our Shrinkiest Team of the Week is… Team GOLD! Way to go, ladies! Put your hands together for:

Sandi G. Tirah Jen P. Christie O. Andrea M.


All of our teams are doing so awesome! You can compare with last week’s leaderboard here. Don’t forget to rely on your teams for some added support -that’s what we are here for! Communication and encouragement can do wonders for weight loss. Thank you to all of our team captains who are collecting all the weights and getting them to us on time! You are SO appreciated!

A few things:

*We have yet another new team (that makes 23!)… Team Peach! Good luck, ladies!

*I hate to have to get all Jillian on your asses, BUT we seem to have some teams having problems getting their weights in on time. Christy and I are up late into the night every Wednesday trying to get all the numbers recorded and calculated, hence the 10PM Central time cut-off. We simply do not have time to send out reminder after reminder, which is why we ask that the Team Captains be accountable for their team. If individuals are not weighing in, leave their number out and if they miss two weeks, they will be removed from the team. I understand completely that we all have things going on in our lives, but it does not take too much time to step on a scale and email the number to your captain.

*Teams Khaki, Coral, and Yellow did not report their weights, and therefore, will have the same percentage as last week.

That is all! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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