True Confessions Monday – Melissa – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


June 1, 2009 By Lissa

1.  I have been doing horrible with my eating and exercise.

2. This injury in my ass is really a pain in the ass. My muscle is spasming every time I go from sitting to standing. I have tried a few different things to help, only it hasn’t helped.

3. I don’t know how I am going to get to the gym this summer with my four kids.

4. How do I get to the gym with my four kids????? How do YOU do it?!

5. I drank way, way, way too much Saturday night and stayed up way too late. Then of course, had to get up way too early! I wonder why the twins still feel the need to get up before 7 even though there is no school?

6. I had good intentions of grabbing my husband and the kids and going to the Y this morning, yet here I sit blogging.

7. I am super-excited for our new Team Challenge. I am quite sure my team rocks! Go PURPLE! This is just what I need to get back on track!!